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5 Reasons you Need an Air Fryer in Your Life

By April 14, 2017Eat, Live, Nutrition

What in the world is an Air Fryer?!

Well for starters, it’s just about the most life changing christmas gift I’ve ever received. Essentially, it’s a mini oven that uses a patented dual fan convection system to circulate hot air for fast and crispy EVERYTHING.

There is not a single thing I have put in my air fryer that has not come out crisped to perfection, and hardly a single day since Christmas that I haven’t used it. 

5 Reasons Why You Needed One Yesterday

1. Air is the new oil.

Because of the air fryer’s dual convection system, it can fry anything with up to 75% less fat. Just 1 tbsp of oil produces a crispy outer layer on all my favorite foods. 

2. Fries on fries on fries.

Need I say more? This baby makes sweet potato fries, potato wedges, shoestring fries, just about any kind of fry you’re capable of making… And they always come out with a satisfying crunch. 


3. It does meat. 

That’s right: no more slaving over the stove for that nice crispy layer on pan seared chicken. I drizzle a couple chicken breasts with olive oil and seasonings, pop them in the air fryer for 25 minutes (flipping them after 10) and they come out crispy on the outside while retaining just enough moisture in the middle. No dry chicken for me!

4. It makes kale chips that don’t suck.

I have no clue how anyone who doesn’t have an air fryer has mastered the art of kale chip making. Without fail my previous kale chips attempts have turned out either soggy and limp or burnt to oblivion.

Now, I make them at least once a week when I’m feeling snack-y and craving veggies after class, because they take only 5 minutes to prepare in my air fryer. 


5. You’ll reduce your electric bill by neglecting your oven.

Between my 3 roommates and I (albeit, mostly me) our oven was running for at least an hour daily. Cooking with my air fryer has drastically reduced my oven use, leading to the first month in years that we didn’t go over our allotted apartment complex electric cost limit. 

In summary?

If your desperate for a change from bland soggy food, an air fryer may be exactly what you need to revamp your cooking repertoire.

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