Burn Out Your Legs in Less than 10 Minutes

By August 7, 2016Workouts

Finish leg day like a champ. 

This is meant to be a finisher for a leg workout, meaning you will feel completed exhausted both during and after this set. Keeping that in mind, it’s probably not a great way to start your workout if you’re planning on squatting afterwards.

Time: 7-10 minutes

Type of Workout: Strength and conditioning, finisher

Sh*t You Need: Kettlebell or dumbbell

Intensity: High

Perks: Targets legs, quick workout

The Workout:  

10 jump squats
15 goblet squats
Weighted wall sit (with the weight you use for goblet squats) for as long as possible
Bodyweight wall sit immediately after for as long as possible

Repeat 3x with no rest.

Workout contributed by Alec Ceccon (Northeastern University). Check out his Instagram for more.

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