Ab Attack Workout

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Time: ~25 minutes 
Type of workout: Strength and cardio
Sh*t you need: None (optional: medicine ball or dumbbell, ankle weights)
Intensity: Intermediate
Perks: A super strong core and a quick way to get your heart rate up!
The Workout:

The exercise focuses on lower body and core. Make sure you keep your core engaged. For exercises done on your back, make sure your back is flat on the ground. 

Complete 3 rounds of the following exercises: 
1. 50 Russian Twists (Add a medicine ball or dumbbell for added fire).
2. 1 minute plank
3. 40 mountain climbers (Use those ankle weights )
4. 1 minute plank
5. 30 leg raises (Feel free to lift your hips off the ground for an added lower ab challenge)
6. 1 minute plank
7. 20 side plank hip dips (each side)
8. 1 minute plank
9. 10 burpees (Wanting another challenge? Add a tuck jump in between!)
Rest for 1 minute between rounds

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