An Easy Way To Add Acro Yoga Into Your Life

By July 15, 2016Workouts

Wanna add some spice to your routine? Enter, Acro Yoga.

Time: ~20 minutes

Type of Workout: Yoga, flexibility, strength

Sh*t You Need: Buddy, yoga mat or soft surface, (optional: spotter)

Intensity: Low

Perks: Complete workout: core, body, soul & mind

The Workout:

Warm Up:

- 10 press ups into backbend: On your own, go from laying on the ground belly up to full backbend, hold 5 seconds and lower.

- 5 belly to bows: On your own, start belly down and extend your arms back to grab both ankles and come up into bow, lift chest off the ground and head to the sky, hold 10 seconds and lower.

The Pose - Inverted Centipede:

- Choose one person to be the base and one person to be the flyer. 

- Base should press up into the backbend (*Expert level: from standing position, drop into a backbend). 

- Once the base is balanced, flyer lays their hips on top of base’s hips. 

- Once stable, flyer extends arms back and pops into bow while stationed on top of base (*optional: spotter stands on one side of the base and stabilizes flyer). 

- Hold position for 10 seconds and have someone snap a cool picture! :)



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Workout contributed by Amanda Brodow and Zani Moore (University of San Diego). Check out their Instagram for more.

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