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Hey you!

Yes you! Have a little too much free time over the summer? Or are all those barbecues starting to add up and your workouts falling to the wayside…? Grab a buddy and beat the summer slumps with this awesome partner workout (description below, video above).

Studies show that working out with a partner results in a greater increase in athletic performance and exertion. Want to hear something even cooler? Working out with a partner also induces the release of a ‘bonding’ hormone called oxytocin that makes you feel closer to the other person.

This all happens because way back in the caveman days, conquering challenges with fellow homo sapiens meant that they were reliable for future challenges. But now we have evolved to bros. So, go do some #yolo stuff with your #bros especially if you guys just had a #fight…. Ok, enough hashtags, go workout!

Also, shout out to my sister Michelle for being an awesome workout buddy! Can’t believe she didn’t kill me after making her do all those burpees…. Oxytocin y’all!

The Recipe:

  • There is a ‘Sprinter’ and a ‘Builder’. Don’t worry though, you get to be both.
  • The Sprinter does the sprint exercise to the finish line and back to the ‘start line’, while the Builder stays at the ‘start line’ and repeats the designated strength exercise.
  • As soon as the Sprinter returns to the start line, they switch roles. Once you have BOTH completed each exercise in the Round 1, move on to Round 2 and so on until you’ve done all 5.
  • Have fun, and GET FIT!
Round Number Sprint Tone
Round 1 Sprint Run Pushups
Round 2 Grapevines Burpees
Round 3 Butt Kicks Lunges
Round 4 Power Skips Squat Jumps
Round 5 Side Shuffles Mountain Climbers

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