14 Annoying Things People Do at the Gym, as Told by a Personal Trainer

By March 3, 2017Move

The gym is a jungle. Between the cardio queens and the jacked Hulks, the diversity is real. With this comes a wide range of annoying behaviors at the gym. Being a personal trainer, I get the pleasure of being in this jungle for a good portion of my day. Here are some of the top annoying gym behaviors:

1. Putting weights where they don’t belong

I’m the one who puts them back. And when I turn around for a hot second, someone manages to screw it up all over again.

2. Not dressing in proper workout attire

I’m look at those of you who wear jeans, scrubs, or polo shirts to the gym. 

3. Not wearing enough workout attire

Did you forget something? Like a shirt or pants with dignity?

4. Grunting


5. Not trying at all

“But I was at the gym, so that counts, right?”

6. Coming to the gym to talk and occasionally work out

Go chat somewhere that’s not 2 inches from my face, like a restaurant or bar, far, far away from here.

7. Flexing in the mirror

We get it. You have muscles. But do you really need to lift up your shirt and flex?

8. Curling in the squat rack


9. Gloves 

Enough said. 

10. PDA

#1 cause of baby vomit at the gym.

11. Obnoxiously taking supplements

We have a problem when your shaker bottle is more like a chemistry lab.

12. Slamming the weights

If you can pick it up, you can put it down.

13. Flirting

“So, wanna watch me squat?”

14. Being scared to try something new

As a trainer, I encourage people to try different types of workouts. Whether you’re a cardio queen who walks over to the free weight section or a meathead who tries to reach for your toes to stretch, keeping an open mind with fitness is key to an overall healthier, fitter you.

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