I Broke My Gym Routine and It Was Fine

By April 7, 2017Move

If you know me, you know I like routine. I like having a plan. I love making schedules. I thrive off consistency. 

And if you also know me, you know I love to move my body. Whether that’s lifting weights, doing cardio, doing yoga, going for a walk or hike; I value movement of the body and appreciate it so much. Working out is like therapy to me. It’s fun. There really is nothing like a good sweat to make you feel on top of the world. 

But the thing is, life happens. Our plans don’t always come to fruition. Sometimes, sh*t really does happen. Whether that means tons of exams, sickness, or a lack of sleep, plans get broken. And so do our routines. But the thing is, that is okay! Life is full of twists and turns. There is a beauty in going with the flow and being spontaneous. In those moments we learn so much about ourselves. 


I broke my gym routine. A few years ago, that sentence would have left me in tears. I haven’t had a normal gym schedule in three weeks. Exams left me with zero time, then I got a horrible cold, and then I went on a service trip. All of that put the gym at the bottom of my priority list. 

I’ve learned that the gym will always be there. Some amazing opportunities that may require you to take some time from working out won’t. What if you said no to going on a vacation with your friends because you didn’t want to lose your precious workout time? What if you said no to an amazing internship or job because it cut into your gym schedule?

Life is about so much more than working out. The gym shouldn’t be your top priority. Sure, it’s important to stay healthy, but that means you need to stay mentally healthy, too. Vacation is a mental break. A new job is an excellent mental challenge. You won’t lose your fitness in a few weeks, your body needs a break, and the gym will be there waiting when you’re ready to come back.

Don’t be afraid to take some time off your routine. Our bodies really need it sometimes. Go out and adventure. Don’t say no to opportunities or fun plans because you are afraid of missing a workout. Life doesn’t revolve around the gym. It isn’t the center of everything, it is not the end-all be all. 

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Author Alyssa Cristadoro

Alyssa is a sophomore at Stonehill college. She could eat a sweet potato everyday and spends too much money on nut butter. A yogi, semi-gym rat and health nut, but also a huge believer in balance. She talks a lot about mental health and a healthy lifestyle on her blog blissful-lyss.com.

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