College, the Gym, and Learning to Lift

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My name is Pat Sadowski and I am an ambassador for Fit University! But I wasn’t always the gym buff that I am today. Here is a little background about how I got into fitness, especially in college.

I am originally from NJ, specifically near the Jersey Shore (side note: I dressed up as Pauly D for Halloween a few years back).

I currently attend Northeastern University in Boston, MA, and right now I am finishing up my 3rd (middler) year. Though I call Boston my home, for the past 6 months I have been co-oping (working full-time) in NYC!

Back down in Jersey, I learned about working out from being on my high school’s track team. I was placed on the throwing team due to my inability to run fast (this will make more sense when I explain my views on cardio momentarily). From there it was history – I was hooked.

The first few workouts I learned were primarily weightlifting. I learned the standard Olympic lifts – mainly the big 3: bench, squat, and deadlift. Immediately, I fell in love with one of these lifts: – the bench. Way back then, when I still had so much to learn, legs meant nothing to me. Therefore, I saw no purpose to do squats or deadlifts. It was a dark time; I did not know any better.


Fast forward a couple years. My sports career came to an end, but my love for weightlifting does not stop. I loved everything about the working out lifestyle (besides legs of course). Researching new workouts, diets, and supplements now took up my free time. became my best friend. I was making initial muscle gains, and I loved it.

To me, working out was like working hard on your academics at school – you’re able to see the progress. If you work hard in class, generally the end results will reflect that. The same was true for fitness, where not only can you see the physical changes in your body, but you can feel it too. The amount of force you are able to generate in the gym increases over time and it is a sensational feeling hitting a new PR!

These rookie gains I was achieving were great, but soon I started to plateau. I finally came to my senses as to how important working out your legs really is. To put things in perspective: your legs make up more than half of your body. So if you’re not working them out, only half of your body is seeing the effects of fitness.

After some critical research on the squat, deadlift, and lifting with legs in general, I fell in love all over again. Deadlifts soon became the G.O.A.T. for me, and continue to be a favorite lift. Squats are just as fun; and as many people say, it’s a great analogy for when something heavy brings you down and you get back up.


Although my perspective of working out and fitness as grown exponentially over the years, some things do not change: my hate for cardio. I played sports my whole life, and even swam competitively for well over a decade. And yet I cannot stand cardio. Treadmills, ellipticals, Stairmasters… You name it, I hate it. I think we can all relate that a minute on the treadmill is equivalent to an 8 hour work day. However, even though I truly do hate cardio, I’ve also come to understand the importance of it, especially when it’s cutting season. And with summer just starting, cardio has been a huge part of my cutting phase. 

So that is my background and the start to my fitness lifestyle. Some days I work out because I want to stay in shape or see changes in myself, and some days it is simply my therapy. My love for it is constantly evolving and that is the main reason why I signed up to be a FitU ambassador.

I love fitness and I hope to spread my passion for it throughout the college community – one squat at a time. If anyone ever wants to talk fitness, I can spend all day talking about it so please reach out!

~ Stay fit my friends ~

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Author Pat Sadowski

Pat is a fourth year at Northeastern University. He is a part of the Kappa Sigma fraternity and his biggest hobby is, of course, working out. Although he claims cardio is a myth, he absolutely loves leg day at the gym. He is a finance and accounting major pursuing his CPA. Be sure to follow him on Instagram: @pat_sadowski & @patsadowski_fitness!

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