Your Deodorant Might Be Making You Sweat More

By May 7, 2017Live

We’ve all been there: you just had a killer workout, head into the locker room and are horrified to see dark, sweaty pit stains staring back at you in the mirror. 

I used to not have much of a problem with getting sweaty underarms, but suddenly I found that not only was I sweating excessively during workouts, but they were pretty wet during most of the day too. Gross, right?

I started wondering, why was this happening? Shouldn’t my deodorant prevent this from happening? I knew something wasn’t lining up, so I dug into a little research and what I found was pretty surprising, and definitely something I never thought about.

Ever wonder what’s actually in your deodorant? What do they put in there that makes you stop sweating? 

First of all, deodorant doesn’t actually stop the sweating process like we are led to believe. Aluminum compounds in the product plug up your eccrine sweat glands. The aluminum ions are drawn into the cells that line the sweat ducts, causing those cells to swell and squeeze the ducts shut. This means that all the sweat you produce is trapped under your skin, which causes a build up of bacteria

What I also found was that our bodies can adapt to the presence of aluminum and find ways to unplug the ducts, or produce even more sweat through other glands, which I think is what started happening to me. This can be avoided by switching up deodorant brands every six months to prevent resistance.

After making the switch to a natural deodorant I almost immediately noticed a difference. Not only were my underarms much drier, but they didn’t smell at all – not even after a long day or hard workout.

Don’t settle for a deodorant that’s not doing its job. You won’t regret making the switch.

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