The Difference Between Training and Exercising

By March 6, 2017Move

There is a debate in the fitness community about the difference between training vs. exercising:

What are you training for?
Do you have a certain direction you are trying to go?
Are you just going into the gym just because?

To many professionals in the fitness community, the difference is whether or not you are working towards a specific goal.

With this said, it is important to know the difference between the two terms:

Exercise: physical activity performed for the effect it produces TODAY.

Training: physical activity performed for the purpose of satisfying a LONG TERM performance goal.

Both of these are supposed to be fun activities. But sometimes, it’s just really hard. It’s hard to make it to the gym, to go that extra mile, to finish that last rep. That’s where the defining moment is.

Think about your favorite professional athlete. When they train, they seem to have that “little something extra”. They might seem like super humans just crushing their goals all the time, but they are just as vulnerable as we are. Just like us, they know there is always a chance that they might not succeed.

This is Katrin Davidsdottir, the back to back Fittest Woman on Earth Crossfit Champion. When I think of someone who trains and not just exercises I think of her. Her drive, mental toughness and determination is something that I hope well all can aspire to be.

Nobody is telling you you have to go hardcore 24/7. But it is important to stay motivated and ask yourself what are you doing: exercising or training. Regardless of which you’re drawn to doing, make goals for yourself, and make goals that work for you. 

Nothing happens overnight; progress takes time. You have to overcome feelings of weakness and understand that people are going to see sometimes that you’re struggling, but they are likely in the same boat as you.

So, it’s your choice: do you exercise, or do you train?

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