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Why Everyone Needs A Favorite Coffeeshop

By May 6, 2017Think

Coffee. Or maybe you call it a cup of a joe, java, brew, jitter juice, liquid energy, C8H10N4O2. Whatever your preference, coffee isn’t a complete experience without the perfect environment – a coffeeshop. 

Coffeeshops remind me of… 


Coffeeshops have always been a place of comfort for me. When I was in high school, my best friends and I would sit at our local coffeeshop in the small downtown area of our town and talk for hours. We would talk about guys, parties, and what we were all going to do the next weekend.

Now, we meet up and talk about our futures, our studies, our families, and our travels. It is the one place we can go and enjoy a nice drink while gushing over every detail of each other’s lives. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. 


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Some Mondays, I get up early and go to the coffeeshop on campus. It feels like my time to feel calm before the long and stormy week. It is my moment to just be with myself, read my favorite book, plan my week, maybe watch an episode or two on Netflix, and get some busy work done. It is a nice moment to sip my coffee, rather than inhale it for the sole purpose of caffeine.


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Some days, coffee is truly your energy source. As the week progresses, we tend to get exhausted and worn down from all of our assignments, readings, papers, and tests. Sometimes we just need a strong cup of joe to get the job done and help us function.


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Other days, you need your coffee shop to enjoy the environment. I love putting on my headphones, finding a calm playlist, ordering my favorite coffee, and settling in to a comfortable area with ample room to spread out and do my homework. There is no better feeling than being productive in a supportive space.


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Everyone needs a place like this. And maybe for you, it isn’t a coffeeshop at all. But if you’re looking for a place, try one out. I have found friendship, joy, energy, and peace in my coffeeshop experiences. 

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Danielle is a junior at Alma College and is majoring in Physiology and Health Sciences. She enjoys all forms of fitness from lifting weights to trying out fun, new fitness classes. When she isn't working out or studying, she can be found looking up motivational quotes on pinterest or dancing for her school's dance company!

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