Food Trends That Will Get You Excited For 2017

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Get excited. Get cookin.

With 2016 coming to a close, we reflect on the wonderful era of zoodles, cauliflower rice, sushi-ritos, and rolled ice cream. Fortunately, 2017 holds plenty of new food trends to look forward to. Below are the new year’s food trend predictions:


The main spice in curry has been gaining prominence for its anti-inflammatory properties. Used in grain bowls, tea, roasted vegetables, and even smoothies, turmeric is an inexpensive must-have in your pantry!


The #color of fresh #tumeric is so #beautiful and full of so many #healing #benefits

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Food Foraging 

Approximately 40% of food in the US goes to waste. Expect that number to drop in 2017. Carrot tops, beet leaves, and cauliflower stems are being put to use in numerous recipes in an attempt to reduce this percentage. 



Companies like Blue Apron and Plated ship their customers (typically busy people, like yourself!) the exact ingredients for a recipe of their choice so cooking at home becomes more convenient without sacrificing health and comfort. With being overwhelming busy becoming the new normal, whether for better or for worse, these start-ups will skyrocket.


For tonight’s take on takeout, whip up sesame chicken with fresh bok choy and jasmine rice.

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Goat Meat

Goat meat often goes under-appreciated, but it has the same amount of protein as chicken breast and more iron than beef. The flavor can be described as sweet, mild, and not at all gamey. Try out this recipe to integrate this protein into your diet!

Also this..



You’ve seen it before: those trendy grain bowls that look so simple yet so delicious. Good news, it is only just the beginning. #InWithTheBowlOutWithThePlate


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Everything Sparkling

This soda alternative doesn’t just go well in your ~adult~ drinks, but is great by itself or with fruit flavoring! Advice I got from the Dig Inn barista: Take lemon seltzer water and add a little bit of agave… you’ve got healthy Sprite!


Savory Yogurt

We’ve had savory oats, but can savory yogurt be done? Try out these recipes for a quick lunch/snack!

Have you tried one of these trends? Tag us at @fituniversityituniversity and tag #fituniversity! Happy New Year!

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