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Grab A Friend For This Short Partner Workout

By October 10, 2016Move, Workouts

When you don’t got time..grab a friend for this partner workout.

Have you been struggling to stick to your workout routine? Try this quick full body partner workout to get you up and on your feet. We’ll keep it short and sweet so you can get movin’.

Time: 15-30 minutes

Type of Workout: Cardio, circuit

Sh*t You Need: Your best friend/family member/roomie/etc., medicine ball (gallon of water works too!)

Intensity: Medium-high

Body Target: Total body

The workout:

Complete the following circuit:

- 25 Burpees
- 25 Squats with rotational pass* 
- 20 Partner pushups 
- 25 Bicycle Crunches
- 1 minute partner plank hold 

*You and your partner are back to back in a squat position, knees at a 90 degree angle. One partner twists torso to right to pass medicine ball or water jug and the other partner grabs it on his/her left side and then twists to the right to pass it back)
Repeat 4x.

Hope you have fun trying this with a friend and get a good sweat! 

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