It’s finally springtime.

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining brighter, and people are all around feeling happier. What a wonderful time of year. 

When the beginning of this year started, I made a list of goals for 2017. One of them was to go outside as much as I possibly can. I want to just enjoy my surroundings, whether I do this by taking a walk, studying outside, adventuring around, or whatever else – just getting outside can have a huge impact. Life is too short to be stuck inside

With this spirit in mind, I am determined to get outside when I break a sweat. So I’ve created a fun little workout to jumpstart your warm-weathered season!

Warm Up (5 mins)

A warm up should consist of dynamic movements. Dynamic movements are movements that get the muscles warm. You should be moving while performing these stretches, but not pushing yourself too hard. It’s just help you break a little sweat and prepares you for your workout 😉 

  1. Lunge twists
  2. Straight leg swing
  3. Karaoke 
  4. High knees
  5. Circle the arms

The Workout (25 mins)

This is meant to make you sweat. It’s high intensity, but get yourself out there and know you can do it!

1. Squat jump up, squat jump down, burpee (2 sets, 12 reps)

Assume a squat position. 

Use your legs to push through your heels and jump as high as you can. Land with a slight bend on the knees and go back down to a squat. 

From the squat, put your arms down and extend your legs back so you assume a plank position. Step or jump your feet back up to get back into the squat position. Repeat! 

2. Switch lunges (2 sets, 12 reps – 6 each leg)

Lunge on one side, then jump or step to switch feet to lunge with the other side. Make sure your knee does not go over your front toes! 🙂 


3. Sprint up the stairs, high knees down (2 sets, 2 minutes each time)


4. Quick feet (2 sets, 2 minutes each time)

This involves one foot just tapping the higher step, then coming back down and replacing the standing foot. Then the previous standing foot taps the higher step and repeats. 

5. Clap push-ups (2 sets, 8 reps)

This is a normal push-up, but when you come up you release your hands and clap. 


You will end up with your arms in the extended position again and repeat! 

Reminder: Modify the movement if needed! It is okay to not be able to do these movements or not be able to do them for the full amount of times/repetitions. Do what you can, and set some goals for next time! 

Cool Down (5 mins)

Stretch it out. You know where your body feels tight. Focus on stretching the legs after this workout, especially the hamstrings.

Make sure you spend at least 5 minutes stretching, and focus on static stretching. Static stretches are meant to help with flexibility rather than warming the muscles. So holding a stretch would be much more beneficial.

I hope your enjoy the wonderful weather and breaking a sweat with it.

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Danielle is a junior at Alma College and is majoring in Physiology and Health Sciences. She enjoys all forms of fitness from lifting weights to trying out fun, new fitness classes. When she isn't working out or studying, she can be found looking up motivational quotes on pinterest or dancing for her school's dance company!

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