How I Used My Love for Dance to Teach Zumba

By February 28, 2016Motivation

Good evening, Fitlings! My name is Leonie Dupuis and I am so excited to be a new Fit U Ambassador. I’d like to tell you all a little about myself. I am a Pre-Professional Biology student at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, where I am working my way through undergrad with my eyes set on medical school.

When my family and I moved to the United States from Canada (the land of all things snow and ice), my family’s first priority was finding an ice rink so that I could continue pursuing my dream of becoming a figure skater. However, Florida isn’t exactly world-renowned for its ice skating, and finding a place to ice skate was surprisingly difficult. Instead of skating, I joined a dance studio. I fell in love with dance and spent 10 years of my life dancing at a nearby studio, conveniently located 15 minutes from my house.

Once I moved out of my home in Florida and went to college, I quickly realized that I needed to find a way to stay in shape. I’d spent 10 years partaking in an average of 20 hours per week of dance rehearsals. Now that I didn’t have my studio, I was motivated to find something new.

zumbaWith this mindset, I obtained my Zumba Fitness Instructor license and took an ACE Group Fitness Instructor course at my university. Zumba is a Latin-based cardio-dance fitness program designed to feel like a party but with all the benefits of a workout. The class is so exciting that, as a group fitness patron, I always looked forward to my Zumba hour—it feels like time flies by in class! I realized that I also wanted to create a magic hour for others full of fun, dance, and fitness. Before I knew it, I was hired to teach Zumba at my school’s gym.

Here, I was able to share my passion for living a happy, healthy, and fit life with my patrons. Naturally, since I enjoy fitness and living healthfully so much, I wanted to reach out to even more people and join a network of people with the same mindset as me. I began reading Fit U articles.

Two months later, I was applying to become a Fit U ambassador. I knew I wasn’t just applying for a position—I was applying for the ability to partake in one of the fastest growing and most motivating, educating, and supporting networks of college students that’s out there. I am already so excited to share my fitness journey with the world, and hope to be able to inspire a few others along the way!

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