How to Show Everyone You Love Them on Valentine’s Day

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Growing up, Valentine’s day meant one thing: candy.

You would craft the most wonderful box you could think of. You would arrive at school and set out your box proudly, waiting for the time you could hand out the candy you oh-so-carefully picked out and receive all the wonderful, cartoon-filled valentine’s day cards your classmates made. You couldn’t wait to get back home, rip open all of the cards, and shove as much pink, heart-shaped candy into your mouth as you possibly could.

But as time continued on and you continued to grow, Valentine’s day developed a whole new meaning. It wasn’t about candy suckers and cards taped shut with heart stickers… It was about your relationship status. 

Not only was it about whether or not you were in a relationship, but it was about what you did and the gifts you got on Valentine’s Day.

You see, once you become a teenager, society begins to tell you that you “should” be in a relationship.

Society says that in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, you should be showered in jewelry, flowers, chocolate, a fancy date, etc. The constant commercials filled with romance are overwhelming.

But I am here to tell you that it does not have to be that way. 

To me, Valentine’s Day is something much deeper than that. It doesn’t have to be about a romantic relationship: it can celebrate platonic relationships, love for your family, and love for yourself.

Valentine’s Day is all about the celebration of love!

So instead of dwelling on how single you are, or how you can’t find somebody, or how everyone sucks, why not ditch all that and be positive? Spread the love to those around you and just show your appreciation for them.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. All you really have to do is say, “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I am so grateful for you! Happy Valentine’s day!” It may not seem like much, but it means so much to the person that is receiving it.

BE A RADIANT BEAM OF LOVE AND DON’T LET ANYONE TRY AND TEAR YOU DOWN. The day can be whatever you make of it. And if you don’t feel like spreading the love and would rather just sulk, well at least let me give you some ideas for activities that incorporate loving yourself.

  1. Watch your favorite movie.
  2. Take a long, relaxing bath while listening to your most soothing playlist.
  3. Go to the gym, take a walk, go for a run outside, whatever makes you feel good.
  4. Put on some good music and dance around.
  5. Make your favorite meal.
  6. Get a manicure/pedicure.
  7. Buy yourself the Valentine’s Day essentials (chocolate and flowers). There should be no shame in this purchase.
  8. Do something with your friends!
  9. Do something creative.
  10. Go visit your family.
  11. Do something that you love to do that you haven’t had time to do lately.
  12. Sleep in.
  13. Have a lunch date with your friend.
  14. Write down a simple list of things you love.
  15. Try something new. It can be as simple as getting off campus and going to a new restaurant.

No matter what you decide to do, just make sure to spread the love. Whether that is calling an old friend, texting someone to let them know you miss them, or complimenting a random stranger, just embrace the day with open arms and keep smiling. 🙂 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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