Increase Your Motivation as Summer Heats Up

By May 13, 2017Motivation

As you sit inside, cooled either by a fan or in-house AC, watching the temperature outside rise, it can be really hard to motivate to get out and moving. Doesn’t sitting in a cool room burn calories too? Won’t I get heat exhaustion or sun burn if I workout for too long outside? 

While the answers to these are both yes (with easy remedies of shortening your workout or stopping when you begin feeling faint, and wearing sunscreen), there is still reason to go for a quick bike ride or run out among the sizzlingly concrete and scorching sun. 

Working out in hot temperatures can increase your core temperature, and this has been shown to suppress appetites.

Not only does working in hot temperatures suppress your appetite initial post-workout hunger, it also leads to an increase in performance at colder level temperatures — so if you are doing a half marathon in October and do a lot of distance in July and August, you will be that much faster!

But it is just so hard to motivate! 

If you don’t want to run or walk, because we all know how incredibly painful and horrible sweating off every single electrolyte EVER off our bodies, try biking or swimming. Both are cooler ways to workout. Biking helps motivate you to create your own wind by pedaling faster and swimming immerses your body with much cooler temperatures than you would be dealing with on land (unless it’s a hot tub and then all I can say is that’s something you brought on yourself). 


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