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I woke up this morning and immediately knew something was up. My stomach felt tight and I felt light as if I were about to fly off the mattress. Do I sound crazy? Maybe… but it’s true! With a little over 8 weeks to go in my prep, this morning was the first morning where I thought “wow, I’m really started to feel a difference in my body.” I’ve been seeing the changes but haven’t necessarily been feeling them. It’s kind of a weird concept to explain. But anyway, I got out of bed, looked in the mirror and thought “Damn, I look good. Check out those abs!”

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That’s right, I said. I like the way I’m looking right now. Does that make me cocky or conceited? No way. You are allowed to acknowledge your accomplishments and honor your body. In fact, you should be doing those things on a daily basis. It’s important to inspire yourself. Point out something great and take a second to really recognize it.

“Damn, my hair looks good to today.” 

“Look at dat booty in these jeans!”

Here’s an idea. Write all of those things down. Have a little notebook to keep track in, email yourself, keep a list on the fridge. Not so much of a writer? Keep a folder on your computer of really awesome pictures of yourself. Label the folder “Inspire Yourself.” When you’re feeling down and not so hot, take a look back at that list or those pictures to get back into a proper mindset. You are your own motivation, you are your own inspiration. Find the way to inspire yourself.

Fit University | Inspire Yourself

How do you inspire yourself?


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