You Know You’re A Fitness Fanatic When…

By May 7, 2016Live

Richard Simmons would be proud.

1. You plan your schedule around gym time and meals.

meal prep

2. When you wear “normal clothes”, people have a hard time recognizing you.

the office

3. You have at least one day a week where you can’t walk.


4. You contemplate whether or not to wash your hair because you know that you’ll be sweaty within 12 hours.


5. Your friends always say they want to come to the gym with you, but you know after a week they are always “busy”.


6. You find yourself stretching at all hours of the day.


7. You know this is what heaven must look like: 


8. The sound of the shaker bottle brings you joy.

 bobs burgers

9. And of course, you have your favorite flavor Quest Bar within reach at all times.


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