A Budget-Friendly Shopping Guide for lululemon Lovers

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Let’s talk lulu: Is it worth it? A college student’s guide for a budget-friendly athletic wardrobe.

Many in the fitness community run to Lululemon for all of their workout leggings and sports bra needs. Their combination of cute and wonderful colors paired with amazing body shaping capabilities causes their leggings to be addicting for all of us. However, being in college can restrict our compulsive need for $100 Lulu leggings.

Fret not; there are plenty of other solutions for gym attire that looks just as great as Lululemon and last just as long!

For example, Forever 21 has thousands of Lulu knock-off styles with prices that are 1/4 of lululemon’s, which fits perfectly into athleisure-obsessed college students like me.

For girls who still need their lululemon fix, there are still plenty of budget friendly options out there. Sites like Poshmark are a great place to look, for example. Poshmark is a retail app that lets people sell and buy new or lightly used brand name clothing like lululemon. There are specific sellers who sell new items, too, with the tags still attached. The lululemon leggings on those pages sell for a little less then retail.

Similarly, there’s a section on lulu’s website called “We Made Too Much”, where they list their stuff that didn’t sell online!

Below are some comparisons between Forever 21 and Lululemon clothing for reference. Remember: don’t be afraid to step outside the brand obsession and try some new super cute budget-friendly gym clothes. Happy shopping fitties!




Lululemon: 98$


Forever 21: 12.90$

Sports Bras

sports bra

Lululemon: 48$

sports bra

Forever 21: 14.90$

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