A DIY Cycling Class For When You Can’t Make It To The Studio

By April 27, 2017Workouts

All the perks of a studio cycling class. On your schedule. For free.

If you’ve ever tried an indoor cycling class, you know it’s a great workout. And if you’re a busy college student, you know it’s tough to find time to get to a studio and take one. As long as your gym has a bike, though, you can get the same awesome workout on your own schedule.

Bring a friend to do this workout next to you for some extra motivation! 

Before we get to the workout though, check out this video so you know how to set up your bike properly and then watch this video for proper form. Proper form = no injuries. 


Time:  30-40 minutes 

Type of Workout: Indoor Cycling

Sh*t You Need: Bike and a towel (you’ll sweat like crazy!)

Intensity: High

Body target: Lower body, cardio

Perks: A studio-style workout, anytime you want

The Workout:

Repeat 3-4x:
5 min seated flat (RPM 90-100)
*1 min seated climb (RPM 75-85)
*30 sec standing climb push 
1.5 min seated climb (RPM 65-80)
*30 sec standing climb push 
2 min seated climb (RPM 60-70)
*30 sec standing climb push 

- The asterisk (*) next to an interval indicates you should add resistance.
- RPM zones are just suggestions, but feel free to go at whatever speed feels good to you!

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