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The Healthy Food Trend You Need in Your Life

By March 2, 2016News


Whether it’s an açai bowl, poke/sushi bowl, grain bowl, bread bowl, or burrito bowl, there seems to be a trend in serving food in wonderful, large, round containers.

bowls trend

I can’t tell you why exactly bowls made such an appearance… Maybe it’s the simplicity in the presentation, or the fact that it is easier to eat out of a bowl than a plate.

mouse strawberry

Regardless, the bowl is a rising trend you should keep on your radar– especially if you want to further impress your Instagram followers.

Our Fit U community has already discovered the art of bowls:

Wish it could be summer, in the Caribbean, on a beach, with no schoolwork… eating this.


Meal Prep, ft. Bowls



Your challenge: skip the pizza, recreate this in the dining hall today. GO! Photo ? cred: @hungryhaley #fituniversity

A photo posted by Fit University (@gofitu) on

Bowls on bowls on bowls on bowls.


The sushi-rrito can’t take on this sushi bowl.


How one makes oatmeal look glamorous, I will never know.


Double trouble.



Tonight’s dinner and meal prep adventure (don’t you just love packing leftovers of yummy meals for lunch??) is TANDOORI CHICKEN BOWLS! Using @chobani Greek yogurt again to cook creamy sauces, and the results were pretty phenomenal if I don’t say so myself. Tandoori chicken recipe stolen from @thebigmansworld (thank you!). Then added it in a nutrition-packed bowl with: •kale •chickpeas •mushrooms •more veggies •cilantro •scallions •and toasted almonds! {and more spices of course} #healthy #dinner #dinnertime #dinnertonight #vegetables #cleaneating #nutrition #healthyrecipe #mealprep #fitfam #15minutemeal #spicy #foodporn #saladbowl #chickpeas #recipe #fitfood #fitfoodie #healthyliving #fitness #powersalad #fituniversity #almonds #fitspiration #greekyogurt #kale #ethnicfood #nutritionstripped #buzzfeedfood #buzzfeedhealth

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Adding chicken (made with healthy Greek yogurt sauce) added to THIS salad bowl…. YUM.


Bowls can be paleo too!


“You can be my sweetgreen / or a beautiful nightmare” –Beyonce



Show us your bowl creation by using the hashtag “#fituniversity”!

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Christina is a Junior at Boston University, majoring in Dietetics and minoring in Communication. She is a tennis instructor at BU, an ACSM CPT, and writes blogs for multiple Registered Dietitians. She can be seen with her headphones in playing one of her Spotify playlists and/or shamelessly taking a picture of everything she eats. You can check her out at @foodietunes on Instagram.

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