Try This Productivity Hack When You Need To Get Sh*t Done

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This productivity hack really works.

You know when you read something on the internet, just randomly, and a post speaks to you like the author was INSIDE YOUR BRAIN and had figured out exactly what makes you tick? Well, that happened to me reading Autumn’s post yesterday. 

tip for when you want to get shit done

Her post (read the whole thing) is all about three strange quirks that help her stay healthier. #3 is my favorite, and probably not least because it’s a productivity hack, too. Autumn plays strange mental games with herself. For example:

“I cannot watch another episode of Gilmore Girls till I write for 10 minutes.”

Or, the one that speaks to my soul:

“Must respond to two emails before I mindlessly scroll FB and IG for an hour.”

I play these kinds of games with myself ALL. THE TIME. In fact, I’m doing it right now, writing this post. My reward? Um, cheese. It’s always cheese, friends.

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What I love about these games is how quick and easy they are. In our over-scheduled, hyper-connected lives, they’re such low-hanging fruit. No planning, prepping, tracking, or logging. No sharing on the internet and finding all the right hashtags to pair it with. (Oh. Hang on. Present post excluded 😉 )

It reminds me, too, of one of my favorite pieces of advice I ever received about writing.

Just write three sentences. Just sit down and write three sentences.

Chances are, you won’t quit at three. It’s the starting that’s the hard part. Once you get over that getting started hurdle, you’re more likely to just steamroll through whatever project is on your plate. 

I love these little mental games—and also, hearing that I’m not alone in using them to get shit done. What secret, or not so secret, tactics do you rely on to get yourself to just do the thing?
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