What’s the Best Time of Day to Work Out?

By April 9, 2017Live, Move

Morning, midday, or midnight? What’s the best time to get your workout in? 

The answer is that it depends on what time works for you. The key to workouts is consistency– pick a time that you’re most likely to get to the gym and get moving. Even though there is research indicating that sticking to a specific workout time can result in better performance, higher oxygen consumption, and lower perceived exhaustion, the benefits of exercise are tightly linked to the quantity of exercise done. 


To find your preferred time of day, consider the following:


Are your days busier in the morning or night? Sometimes, it’s more difficult to work out at night as your responsibilities build during the day. 


How do you feel throughout the day? Body temperature typically increases throughout the day, so muscle strength and endurance peak in the late afternoon. The afternoon is also when reaction time is quickest and heart rate and blood pressure are lowest. 


What time do you go to bed? Since exercise increases heart rate and body temperature, working out too late in the evening (generally after 8 p.m.) may cause you to struggle to fall asleep.


Consider the type of workout you want to do. What’s going to incentivize you and make it a great workout? Does your favorite instructor teach at night? Do you love to watch the sunrise when you run? When is your workout buddy free? Working out shouldn’t be a chore, so optimize your circumstances to make it fun.

Life is all about balance-  struggling to fit in workouts shouldn’t be a major stressor in a college student’s life. Reaching your goals comes best with you setting your own schedule. Keep working!

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