You Know You’re A Group Fitness Instructor When…

By March 17, 2016Motivation

1. You hear a song and instantly start thinking of new workout ideas.

As the person responsible for making the group fitness class fun and successful, it’s pretty essential that your material is up to beat (ha) and exciting. This usually means keeping up to date with the latest songs and finding an explosive remix to work out to.

2. You have at least one person in class who knows your workouts better than you do.

When the brain-dead moments arise, you can always count on this person. You can usually find them right front and center in your classroom, moving like a pro and coming in clutch and keeping you on track for a successful session.

3. You appreciate the classes you attend so much more now that you’re an instructor too.

Now that you know how it can take about an hour of preparation for a 30-minute class, the material group fitness instructors prepare and present in classes is seen through a whole new light. See a new exercise in class? You say something, because you appreciate it and know the #struggle.

4. You can’t help but laugh at how hard you make your class sometimes (whether it’s intentional or not).

“Today’s class will be at an intermediate level, feel free to make it easier, or to make it harder at any point.” Those are the words I typically say at the start of one of my group fitness classes. One of my patrons quickly approaches me, fearfully questioning my definition of “intermediate”. My answer? Sweating makes me happy. (insert evil laughter here)

5. Any bad day instantly turns into a good one once your class starts.

No matter what outside stress or conditions are present in your life, once you walk into the group fitness area or studio, it’s your time to own the space and make it the positive space all participants look forward to working out in.

6. You’ve experienced the pain of trying to teach class with some fast food weighing in your stomach. (And have made the subsequent vow to never do so again.)

Whether it was that supersized chicken nugget meal with your buddy after passing a midterm or another not-so-healthy impulsive option, you’ve felt your stomach complaining loud and proud as you attempted to teach class through the pain.

7. Your patrons think you’re crazy.

I mean… They might be right. “You want us to what??” “Oh, there’s no way she has a normal brain to think up of these workouts.” “What kind of human willingly puts people through this kind of torturous exercise?” These types of questions are frequent, and very normal.

8. You announce that your class is intermediate-level but imply that it may be extreme at times.

The disclaimer is to encourage people to adjust the workout to their needs, but really, it’s to give them some hope that the workout is possible some days.

9. You spend your free time looking for “continuing education” credits or other means of keeping your certification.

Personally, I start planning my Zumba Convention attire/travel plans/sessions/goals. But there are so many ways to keep certifications up to date, it’s always easy to fall into the black hole that is fitness certifications on the internet.

10. You love what you do and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Last but not least: there’s a reason you initially started teaching group fitness, and there’s also a reason why you’re still teaching (or thinking about it). Whatever the case may be, you are a part of a community devoted to guiding people along their fitness journeys as you traverse along your own.

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