What You Should Do When You’re in a Slump at the Gym

By March 27, 2016Fitness Tips

Alright guys, I have a confession to make… I have literally been cursing my workout time lately.

I set my alarm to go to the gym in the early morning, but inevitably end up hitting the snooze button until its too late to make it. On the good days, when I actually haul myself out of bed and into the gym, I find that I can’t take my eyes off the clock as I count down to the moment I can finally step into freedom and out of the gym!

Not going to lie, this scared me a little. Fitness is a big part of my life: I work as a group fitness instructor, and I plan on making this my career. But why have I suddenly begun hating the very thing that usually makes me happiest?

So I got to thinking…

March has been busy. I started a new job in the midst of midterms, and the tundra temperature outdoors is definitely not helping me want to leave my apartment for anything, let alone the gym. I’ve also been taking a look at the workouts I’ve been doing, and my mentality towards them. Lately, I have been forcing myself to spend time in the gym doing things I don’t love, just because I am too lazy to look for a new and exciting type of workout that I actually like. I’ve also been working out alone, which takes a LOT of the fun out of it.

You know the biggest factor in my slump was, though? My mentality. I would tell myself that I have to workout. Not that I get to workout. Because I was doing this alone, and doing things I didn’t enjoy, I wasn’t excited about it. So I decided to change my mentality. And you know what else changed with it? EVERYTHING!

Step 1: Write a List of Your Favorite Forms of MOVING

Okay, okay. I fully understand that your answer to “what do you like to do in the gym,” might be “nothing”, but there is an option for everyone, I promise!

Love to dance? Try Zumba or barre to satisfy your inner ballerina, Latin dancer, or just straight up club moves!

Do you have way too much pent up energy? Can you think of someone you would gladly punch in the face right now? Kickboxing. Do it. There will be no regrets.

Do you want to feel like Hercules? Weightlifting!

Love bike riding? Try cycle.

Always dreamed of being in the military minus the uniform? Take a boot camp class. Believe me, the name is much scarier than what actually goes on in there…

Identified the source yet? OK, now were ready for step two…

Step 2: Grab a Friend!

Seriously. This is so much more key to success than it may seem. If you have someone to go with, you have to go even on days when you want to back out, because you don’t want to be that flaky friend – am I right? I guess peer pressure CAN be a good thing sometimes.

Plus, there are multiple scientific studies proving the correlation between improved relationships and exercise, as well as improved exercise performance and satisfaction when performing with a friend or partner. So use science to your benefit, y’all.

Plus, it’s a way to squeeze working out and hanging out into one slot in your schedule. Double whammy!

Step 3: Set and Remember Your Goal

Why are you doing this to yourself, anyways? This is why goal setting is so important, you guys. How can you possibly expect to be motivated to do something that’s

a) physically uncomfortable

b) for a full hour, and

c) at an awkward time of day

d) in clothes that seem way too tight for anyone to be wearing 6 am?

Answer: You need a goal!

That will give purpose to not hitting the snooze button. That will give purpose to taking that extra shower, walking out into the cold, and kicking ass in order to burn out all the stress that’s been keeping you from working out!

So why are you here? Is it to become stronger? Is it to alleviate your anxiety?

Accomplish something you thought you never could? Whatever it is, you’ve got this!


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