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10 Coffee Flavors You’ve Never Tried Before

By April 24, 2017Live

Regular coffee might not cut it anymore…

If you can’t start your day without the sweet nectar that drips from your coffee maker (especially when finals roll around), you’re not alone. There are millions of coffee junkies out there. In fact, some of them like coffee so much that they’ve gone above and beyond when it comes to flavors. Here are just a few fun and unique tastes from coffee brands all over the world.

10 coffee flavors 

1. Spicy Taco

If you like your caffeine with a bit of a kick, consider buying a bag of “spicy taco” coffee beans. They’ll bring to mind all of your favorite Mexican cuisine while still retaining their signature coffee flavor. As a bonus, their heat is sure to wake you up on sluggish mornings!

2. Whiskey

No, we’re not talking about Irish coffee. Whiskey-flavored coffee is made by saturating coffee beans with whiskey for a rich, full-bodied flavor when they’re done roasting. You can buy them pre-made or even do it yourself from home, though you might want to be careful with the latter, especially if you like to sample your goods while you work.

3. Cookies

Ready your sweet tooth! From chocolate chip to macadamia nut, there are all kinds of cookie-flavored coffee pods on the market. Just look for the best drip coffee maker that accepts pods. If you’re unable or unwilling to go single-serve, you can also find coffee syrup made with things like chocolate, caramel, toffee and cookie dough to infuse your thermoses with exotic tastes.

4. Bird Saliva

(Yes, this is real). Made from the saliva of swifters and Jacu birds, these coffees are imported from Asia for both their health benefits and their unique flavor profiles. They might be a little unusual, but your immune system will thank you for taking the risk. In addition, they’ll be a great change of pace for coffee connoisseurs who are tired of everyday flavors.

5. Cheesecake

There’s nothing like a slice of creamy, decadent cheesecake to make you appreciate life’s little luxuries. But what if you don’t have time for a sit-down dessert? Buy cheesecake-flavored coffee instead; it’ll give you the same great taste without the need for forks. You can also use it as a treat or pick-me-up to get yourself through long days in the lib.

6. Maple Bacon

The only thing better than bacon is fatty, greasy bacon drizzled with maple syrup, and thanks to some truly innovative minds in the coffee industry, you can now enjoy this sweet and smokey flavor with your morning cup of joe. Pair it with some protein pancakes for a true breakfast of champions.

7. Apple Pie

Nothing says “homecoming” like mom’s apple pie, and if you buy it as your next coffee flavor, you won’t even have to head home to enjoy it. Mixing sweet and savory ingredients like apple, cinnamon and yeast, apple pie coffee is sure to send your palette down memory lane.

8. Egg

A favorite in Vietnamese cafes, this recipe calls for regular coffee grounds added to a combination of whipped egg yolks and condensed milk. As the coffee sinks to the bottom of the cup, it will mix its tart flavor with the rich, silky one of the egg. The result is basically a breakfast substitute that will taste great and fill you up. Protein coffee, anyone?

9. Absinthe

You probably think of absinthe as a rich man’s alcohol, but if you buy coffee infused with absinthe flavors like fennel, licorice and anise, you can join their exclusive club with a single pot. Just know that it might be an acquired taste if you aren’t already familiar with absinthe.

10. Ultra-Caffeinated

Last but certainly not least, if regular java just isn’t enough to get you going in the mornings, consider investing in the ultra-caffeinated kind. It’s typically made with Robusta beans instead of Arabica ones, and some brands are so strong that they’re named things like “Death Wish” and “Wake The F*** Up.” If they can’t get you going, nothing will!

These are just 10 coffee flavors that you might not see in the average grocery store. If you’re willing to import them or order them online, however, these unique tastes can be yours to enjoy!

10 coffee flavors

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