4 Amazing Lessons I Learned from Fitness YouTuber, Mike Rashid

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Over the last couple of years, Mike Rashid has become incredibly popular among the YouTube fitness community. He is the CEO and founder ImSoAlpha and Alpha Academy Apparel, as well as the co-owner of both Metroflex LPC and the Original Addicts Gym. So you could say he’s pretty a pretty accomplished guy in the fitness world.

Mike Rashid is also an author, ex-boxer, father of three, and WBFF Pro. He advocates for fitness as a way to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit in order to become successful in the real world. But there’s more to be learned from Mike than just tips for keeping up physical fitness. Above all, Mike stresses the importance of hard work, discipline, human experiences, and core values. Here are 4 things that I have learned from Mike Rashid.

Health, Not Aesthetics

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Is this what fitness really looks like?

A really present issue in the fitness industry is the perception of shooting for an extremely low (and in some cases unhealthy) body fat percentage in order to acquire “fitness” in the form of shredded abs and diced obliques.

While competing in bodybuilding for a brief period of time, Mike Rashid noticed that many of the fitness models he encountered were not really fit at all. They acquired abs by essentially starving themselves with little to no carbohydrates and extremely low-calorie diets. This is a false illusion of health: in fact, many complications arise from these extreme diets such as hormonal imbalance, depression, erectile dysfunction in men, and malnourishment (to name a few). Instead of focusing on getting down to dangerously low body fat percentages such as 5 or 6%, one’s focus in fitness should be to maintain good health by exercising, eating healthy, and making other healthy choices for your body and mind.  


Life is all about progression. The gym is only one example in a gym rat’s life in which progression occurs. Over time, you get physically stronger, you grow wiser about which exercises are most beneficial to you, and you learn about the ins and outs of your body through experience. You are essentially progressing within your fitness life. However, progression doesn’t end at the gym. Mike Rashid stresses the significance of using the arsenal of skill that you’ve acquired mentally from pushing yourself at the gym and applying it to other aspects of your life. This includes investing time and creating dedication towards your occupation, relationships, businesses, and personal aspirations.



The first video that I had seen of Mike Rashid was his overtraining chest workout. Mike wanted to change the definition of overtraining and the negative connotations attached to it. Overtraining is generally seen as working out too hard, spending too much time in the gym, or not taking enough rest days. Overtraining is accommodated with symptoms such as persistent muscle soreness, loss of strength, increase incidents of injuries, and sleeplessness. Therefore, many people fear overtraining and compensate by sticking to low intensity workouts that are too easy for them, and never really push themselves in the gym. However, Mike Rashid believes that the only way to see drastic changes to your body is to overtrain. He believes that you should push yourself to the absolute limit during every workout, tap into your mental willpower to get that extra final rep, and take your sets to muscle failure every time.

Although Mike praises the notion of overtraining, he also acknowledges that one should consume enough calories and get proper sleep to adequately recover from intense workouts. Once I started applying overtraining principles to my workouts, I discovered I had better workouts, a more intense muscle pump, and increase in strength and muscle gains.

Shakespeare; Julius Caesar: Cowards die many times before their death; The valiant never taste of death but once.

Mike Rashid mentioned this quote in one of his videos when talking about being real with others. He interpreted the quote as someone envying someone else and holding hatred in their heart towards that person, yet still smiling and shaking that person’s hand when they see them. Every time the coward does this, he/she essentially dies a little on the inside. The coward isn’t brave enough to express his emotions and treat someone based on how they feel about them. I believe that authenticity gains not only respect from others, but also allows you to respect yourself.

These are just a few of the valuable lessons Rashid has to offer. With a fan base growing each day, Mike Rashid inspires many people across the globe. He advocates for following a healthy lifestyle, progressing in all aspects of life, training hard in the gym, and displaying authenticity in your character.

As Mike Rashid once said,

“Be disciplined, train hard. Train your mind as thoroughly as you train your body. Be a complete warrior. Not just a brute. Practice eloquence of the tongue, be fluid in thought.. Be gentle, but strong. Be humble. Stand firm in your beliefs. Be a protector. Make your word your bond. Firm handshakes, make eye contact. Be accountable for your actions.”


Author Mustufa Babar

Mustufa is a sophomore at Stony Brook University where he is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Biology and Chemistry. He is aspiring to become either a pediatrician or an orthopedic. Mustufa has used bodybuilding and lifting weights to help him reach his academic goals since such activities develop mental strength, discipline, confidence, consistency, and self-motivation.

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