4 Ways to Keep Your Senioritis In Check

By April 16, 2017Motivation

Post-spring break is usually the time when our gym routines start to tapper off, the weather starts to tempt us into laying by the pool instead of going to class, and that little taste of summer vacay has us thinking about anything BUT school or getting back into a routine.

For some of us this probably started way before spring break, but either way we can’t just throw all that hard work out the window!

As a 5th year (because of my double major) and all of my applications turned in for grad school, I was struggling hard to stay on track even before spring break. I injured my lower back and had zero exams until after spring break. I started to really lack motivation to do anything but to binge watch 4 seasons of Vanderpump Rules.


But, I know this cycle can’t last forever. The more I slacked off, the worse I actually started to feel. So I started to wake up early, stretch and ice my back, make lots of coffee, and get back to work. Here’s some inspiration to make that final push through the rest of the semester:

1. Don’t skip your workouts

Remember those goals you made at the beginning of January? Yes, I like to keep bringing them up because I, too, fall off the wagon.

Ace Fitness explains getting your sweat on early in the morning is shown to help you burn more calories throughout the day through the EPOC effect, and improve your mood and concentration for the rest of your day (you can read more about that via the American Psychological Association here). Even if you’re injured! (Or out of shape from slacking.) Set aside 20 minutes in the morning to get moving. Your mind and body will thank you.


2. Actually use your planner.

Or calendar. Or old school sticky notes. Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s working.

Make a list in the morning of all of the things you want to accomplish in the day. Be proud if you only get half of them done. Half is better than none!


3. Be a Weekend Warrior.

Don’t let yourself slack off during the week! Get all your work done, get enough sleep, and stay on track as best you can before your weekend starts. By getting work done for the next week early (write those Sunday night blog posts, prep for a Tuesday exam), you can fully enjoy the weekend.

Then cut loose: let yourself enjoy and soak up these last few weekends of college. You deserve it! It’s all about balance baby.


4. Remember why you started.

These last four (or five) years have been some of the best of your life. But you’ve also spent countless hours studying, cramming, and in the library for a reason– to get that degree! Jot down all of the goals you have for after graduation and reflect back on how far you’ve come. Don’t bomb your last finals just because you can. Finish strong and be proud of this huge accomplishment.


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Kyndall is in her 5th year at Florida State University obtaining two degrees in Dietetics and Exercise Science. When she isn't in class or studying, she can be found in the athletics department where she is a Sports Nutrition intern working with the FSU football team (#gonoles). In the rare event of some free time she enjoys binge watching netflix, taking naps w her puppy, and a good cup of cold brew coffee.

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