5 Healthy Breakfasts That Might As Well Be dessert

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Are you a sweet or savory kinda-breakfast-person? Either way, everyone can use a dessert-like breakfast once in a while. These 5 healthy breakfasts are so good that they might as well be dessert, you’d never even know they were good for you.


Brownie batter peanut butter swirl oatmeal

Chocolate? Peanut butter? You can’t get much better than that combo. The best part about this recipe is that it’s dorm-friendly… just make the oatmeal in the microwave instead of on the stove. Boom.


Strawberry-chia smoothie bowl

Smoothies are no longer just for drinking…now you can sit and enjoy your smoothie by the spoonful. With just a handful of fresh ingredients, this breakfast is ready in a few minutes and doesn’t disappoint your sweet tooth. 

5 (healthy) breakfasts that might as well be dessert | fit university

Banana oat greek yogurt muffins

Let’s get one thing straight – muffins you see in convenience stores are not healthy. They’re packed with tons of sugar and fat, leaving no room for protein (one muffin can cost you ~500 calories). These banana oat greek yogurt muffins, however, are made with whole ingredients and almost no added sugar. 

5 (healthy) breakfasts that might as well be dessert | fit university

Confetti cake protein pancakes

If you’re looking for a protein-packed, dessert-like breakfast, you have met your match. Is it breakfast? Is it cake? You be the judge. These pancakes are the perfect Saturday morning, post-workout brunch.

5 healthy breakfasts that might as well be dessert | fit university 

Apple pie oatmeal cookies

You never thought you could have pie for breakfast… until now. These apple pie oatmeal cookies are gluten-free, low-fat and made with whole, healthy ingredients. Grab a few on your way out the door when you’re headed to class — or maybe crumble one into some greek yogurt added protein.

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