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How to Enjoy the Holidays and Stay Fit, Too

By November 14, 2016Live

The holidays are right around the corner, which can derail some of your fitness goals if you let it.

No matter the holiday you’re celebrating, there is bound to be lots of food, family, and friends involved. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you balance your holiday fun with your fitness goals.

1. Its not all about the food.


It’s easy to focus on your favorite holiday treats: the cookies, the pies or that special dish your aunt only makes for Christmas… The important thing to remember when you are bombarded with all these amazing foods is that you will drive yourself nuts withholding them from yourself completely.

Yes, I mean it. Indulge in a few of your favorite holiday special treats. But after savoring the final bite of your favorite pumpkin pie, move away from the food and chat up friends and family. Chances are you haven’t seen them since last year. Instead of focusing on the food, focus on those around you. 

2. Eat yo veggies.

Since we are talking about food already… lets not forget our vegetables.

Ever been to a potluck where everyone (literally everyone) brought a veggie platter? Yeah, me neither. If you want to keep up with your fitness goals, you gotta eat yo veggies. Try not to skimp out on the vegetables, especially during the holidays. Be the one to bring in the vegetable platter, and try to fill up around half your plate with some yummy greens this holiday season.

3. Drink water.

Sub out some of your favorite holiday drinks for a glass of water. Seasonal drinks are notorious for their sugary contents (which is what makes them taste so yummy!). Staying hydrated is necessary for your body to bring in all those nutrients you’re getting from your holiday meals.

4. Get up and move!

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you have to slack off on your fitness. Go for a walk with grandma and grandpa. Play a game of soccer or football with your cousins. Call of up some old friends from home and go ice-skating. Or maybe all the family time has you going crazy; excuse yourself and hit some solo time in the gym or on a run.

It doesn’t have to be a long or intense workout, but moving and working up a sweat over the holidays will make it easier when you get back to school and back on your own routine.

5. Be realistic with your goals.

This last one is hard. We all put lofty expectations on ourselves, especially over breaks. So set up small goals for yourself. If you are home for five days maybe make it a goal to go workout three out of the five days. Or only have one slice of pie over family dinner.

Whatever the goal may be, it is okay if you fall a little short on your own expectations over the break. Don’t dwell on it, you are human and the holidays should be a happy time. So don’t stress yourself out and make a pact with yourself to get right back on track when you get on your own routine. 

I hope these simple tips are useful as you head into a fun filled season of family, friends, and giving. Happy holidays!

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Author Natalie Nishi

I am a recent Psychology grad from University Oregon. I am currently learning the ropes of being a personal trainer. When I'm not in the gym I am taking pictures of my dog and binge watching Suits.

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