6 Workout Equipment Must-Haves for When You Can’t Make it to a Gym

By February 18, 2017Move

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time. Or space. Or don’t want to deal with the time driving to the gym to find a parking space.

At home workouts to the rescue!

I sometimes feel, however, that with just bodyweight exercises my workout isn’t as efficient. So I’ve invested in a few staple pieces of workout equipment that are both affordable and effective. Trust me, they make you feel the burn.

1. Resistance Bands

resistance bands

If you haven’t heard about these yet, it’s time: resistance bands are a great way to up your workout.

They come in various levels of difficulty (ultra light, light, medium, hard) and styles (from mini bands to regular bands).

The mini bands (pictured above) can be used to work your glutes by placing them around the top of your knees during squats and donkey kick moves, or around your ankles for lunges and kick backs.

The longer resistance bands are good for working upper body. Resistance bands are wonderful for working tiny muscles you don’t normally target – don’t let that “ultra light” band fool you. It’ll still leave you sore the next day.

I found these bad boys online for $12 and they work great, so shop around a little before buying your own!

2. A Set of 5/10 lb. Dumbbells















Or go heavier, if that’s your thing!

Investing in a set of dumbells was a great move for me. I really feel like I can get some muscle building in during a quick workout. When using a lower weight, try upping your reps to really feel the burn during your at home workouts.

3. Yoga Mat

Yoga mat












My carpet is always covered in dog hair (no matter how often I vacuum) and the floors are too hard to lay down/do moves on, so I always roll out my yoga mat.

It doesn’t have to necessarily be a yoga mat, any general fitness mat will do. They’re cheap, easy to clean and store, and makes you feel like you’re really getting into the workout mode even though you’re still at home.

4. Kettlebell


Get your heart rate up at home with the kettlebell. Kettlebell swings work it all. There are SO many exercises you can do with a kettlebell, and they’re crazy effective.

If there’s one thing you buy, I think this should be it. They’re available online for as low as $10! 

5. Foam Roller 

Sometimes you just need a good stretch after a hard lifting day. Take the time to take care of your muscles and use a foam roller to reduce muscle soreness. Make sure you’re doing it right here.  

6. Youtube

If you’re really lacking inspiration in the at home workout department, head over to Youtube. There are hundreds of different fitness accounts geared towards at home workouts.

Some of my favorites are from Functional Muscle FitnessPopsugar Fitness, Jillian Michaels , Yoga with Adriene. There’s literally hundreds, just type in whatever mood you’re feeling in the search bar and the workout you’re looking for is there. Whether its a quick 5 minute ab shred or 30 minute lower body tone, there’s a free gym right at home and a workout class right at your fingertips.

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