How to Adult: From Undergrad to Alumnus

By May 19, 2016Live

So you’re graduating.

For the past four years, you’ve probably adapted into a pretty comfortable fitness routine while enjoying your undergraduate years. But as the end of senior year approaches, you only have so many days left to enjoy your campus gym and dining hall…and that means it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to keep up your routine post-graduation.

(Fit University Alumni, where you at?)

Here’s a run-down of what you need to consider once you’re no longer in undergrad:

Gym Access

Adult purchase alert! Do you need to look into a…. real gym membership? Some schools let alumni in for free, some let them in for free for a few months, and some charge a fee right away. Check out what the prices are and compare them to some local gyms nearby. Don’t be afraid to venture off from the campus gym you’re accustomed to… You might end up finding one you like even better! There are great gyms everywhere and most places will give you a couple days as a free trial or with a reduced price before you have to decide if you want to invest in a full-blown membership. Shop around a little! It could even be fun to try some new things along the way.

Relish the Final Days of Your Student ID

In your final days with that ever-so-precious student discount, use your ID to hit up some new workout classes you’ve been meaning to try but maybe haven’t had time to because of school. Whether it’s a spin class, yoga, barre, or whatever you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t… go do it! While you’re at it, a lot of stores offer student discounts when you show your ID, so go get yourself some new workout clothes to keep motivated. #treatyourself

Make a New Routine

You’ve probably been following a certain kind of schedule throughout college. Breakfast, class, gym session, class, lunch, other activities… But now that you’ve graduated, things will be different. Maybe you’ll be working a full-time job (or a few different jobs), but make sure you’re still planning some time into your day throughout the week to get your workouts. This goes for your meal prepping, too! Agendas are not just for students; writing out your schedule will help you to more likely stick to it, and stick with your healthy habits.

Say Goodbye to the Dining Hall

If you’ve been living that dining hall life, I’ve got news for you: it’s time to learn to cook a few simple and healthy meals.

Ask a friend to try it with you, call your mom, pick up a cookbook, or just check out some healthy recipes online. If you’re new to the whole cooking thing (or even if you’re not new and you just like easy meals) I recommend investing in a crock-pot. A small one that makes enough for 2-3 people costs less than $20 and will quickly become the best money you have ever spent. You can make anything in it… yes, anything, and the recipes usually involve very little prep work.

A personal favorite crock-pot recipe of mine is shredded chicken tacos. It’s the simplest recipe and it stores well in the fridge so it’s perfect for meal prep.


It’s perfectly ok to not have your life planned out to a T by the time graduation rolls around, but that’s no reason to let your fitness take a back seat! If you’re used to staying physically fit, that will only make the transition seem even harder than it needs to, trust me. Your life is changing, but your fitness goals don’t have to.


Good luck to all the 2016 graduates!

Author Marisa Lopez

I'm a finance major with a passion for fitness! I've always been a relatively active person, having been a competitive dancer for 10 years growing up, but really fell in love with trying to live a fit lifestyle my sophomore year at Northeastern. That January I decided I would run a marathon, having never been much of a runner before, and nine months later I crossed the finish line in Philadelphia, and was completely hooked on running. Training for my first marathon changed my life way more than I would ever have imagined and I'm already looking forward to a handful of races in the coming year. When I'm not running, I love cooking, weight lifting, and playing around with new makeup looks. I love being a Fit University ambassador and hope I can show people how rewarding a fit lifestyle can be!

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