An Important Letter for All Girls: Do it For You

By February 5, 2016Think

Dear girl,

I want you to know that you’re beautiful. I want you to know that you’re strong, and I want you to be confident in the fact that you’re powerful. I know that you may not believe me no matter how many times I tell you this, but you also didn’t believe you would ever learn how to read like the other kids in your class, and you’re reading this letter like a pro right now.

Dear girl, please stop looking in the mirror with disgust. You’re too fat, you say? You’re too thin? You could never have the motivation to work out like her, so why even try? Haha, well you have quite the imagination girl— whoever said that someone emerges from the womb fit? Who decides what “fat” is or what “skinny” is? Even if they were definitive exact terms that could box people into categories as if we were supplies in a factory, do we really want to be defined by our bodies? I have a question for you, girl: would you rather be loved for your body, or for you? Because you know what? There are billions of bodies in this world, and after the age of 29 our bodies begin the slow and inevitable decline. And then what?

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: if you’re only working out and trying to eat healthy to be sexy and skinny, stop. Why are you placing your value on something so arbitrary and fleeting? Put your energy into the parts of you that last—the parts that become more and more beautiful with each passing day, memory, struggle and success. The little bits and pieces of life that only you experience, making up your unique and inimitable story—making you you.

And in this process, take care of yourself! YOU ARE AWESOME! You deserve to feel awesome by moving! By grabbing a friend and dancing away like a crazy person at a Zumba class! You deserve to feel awesome after enjoying a delicious healthy meal that you know will make you feel better- not just look better.

Because that’s what health and fitness is all about.

Stop doing it so you can be an ideal object/ decoration for people just to look at and not know, love, and respect.

Do it because exercise is one of the most underused anti-depressants out there.

Do it because exercise is known to reduce the onset of disease by over 40%.

Do it because studies show that regular exercisers are more confident and daring than non-exercisers.

Do it to challenge yourself, and I promise you the endorphins released after conquering a new goal will make your mood shoot through the roof!

But most of all, do it for you, girl! You deserve nothing but the best.

Take care of yourself.

With love from your friend,


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