Get Your Arms and Abs on Fire with This Workout

By July 17, 2016Workouts

Let your legs chill while your upper body does some WORK.

Time: 35-45 minutes

Type of Workout: Circuit training, bodyweight cardio, weighted resistance training, plyometric

Sh*t You Need: One set of dumbbells (I used 10 lbs.), a bench or elevated surface, 1 heavier weight (I use ~15-20 lbs.), swiss/bosu ball

Intensity: High

Perks: Cardio, strength (upper body & abs will be on fiya)

The Workout:

Repeat the following circuit for 30 mins, with little to no rest between rounds:

- 60 mountain climbers
- 1 min high knees
- 40 weighted russian twists
- 20 decline push ups
- 1 min high knees
- 30 weighted bent leg jack knives
- 15 weighted burpees + rows
- 1 min high knees
- 20 plank mat hops
- 30 elevated leg raises
- 15 tuck jumps
- 20 lunge back + bicep curl

After 30 minutes is up, do this Swiss/Bosu Ball Ab Burnout (complete 3 rounds):

- 20 knee tucks
- 20 pikes
- 20 plank toe taps (alternating)

Workout contributed by Taylor Glinane (Fairleigh Dickinson University). Check out her Instagram for more.

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