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Bucket List (Fitness Edition): 10 Rad Places To Sweat It Out

By April 15, 2017Motivation, Move

The Ultimate Fitness Bucket List

A “bucket list” is sometimes thought of as a comprehensive list of things a person wants to do/see/experience before they pass.

Now, that sounds a bit morbid, so let’s think of bucket lists as “must-sees” to enhance life, rather than “pre-death necessities.” The following is a list of 10 unique, fun, sweaty ways to workout that will enhance the health of your mind, soul and body. Each item on this bucket list brings a little something different to the discussion, so we hope you get to experience them all!


Illoiha Omotesando Fitness Gym

Where: Tokyo, Japan

This crazy indoor climbing facility is in Tokyo — Japan’s capital city. Instead of just regular hand and foot holds, climbers must scale odd wall-mounted objects typically found in homes. These objects include deer heads, paintings, and intricate shelves. Also, the facility’s unique style and quirky nature make it a must see for any adventure-seeker with a flair for the whimsical. Bring fun and fitness together for a great, exciting workout.


Where: New York City, New York

SWERVE takes cycling to the next level. This facility, number two on our bucket list, is based out of New York City, New York and lets riders compete against one another. Riders divide into three teams (red, blue, and green) and teams pedal to the best of their ability to earn points. Additionally, your workout includes upper body exercises, hills, sprints and high-intensity interval training, all in a fun, highly colorful environment.

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Where: Morrison, Colorado

Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado doubles as both a music venue and a breathtaking workout zone. Sprinting up the amphitheater’s seemingly endless steps make your legs and lungs burn. The venue isn’t too bad on the eyes, either. You and your peers will sweat it out as the hot sun blazes up over the horizon, shimmering over the fiery, radiant rock formations that surround you. A workout at the Red Rocks Amphitheater is a wondrous way to start the day.

Fitness Bucket List 2

Surfset Toronto

Where: Toronto, Canada

Surfset is a workout that mimics riding the ocean waves. It’s all the fun of surfing without the extensive lessons and equipment. The routine engages participant’s legs and core, and improves their overall strength, balance, and concentration. The off-center nature of the workout will work smaller muscles you didn’t even know you had. The gym is in Toronto, Canada and boasts rave reviews from attendees.

Fit Bucket List

Shine Alternative Fitness

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Shine Alternative Fitness is ideal for any athlete looking to get outside of their comfort zone. The out-of-box, flashy (in a good way!) style of the fitness center fits right into its Las Vegas, Nevada home. The gym offers a slew of classes, which include pole dancing, aerial, acro-yoga, antigravity yoga, hula hooping, dance, and handstand lessons. Each workout brings fun and still packs a punch, and their total-body style will leave you sore the next day.

New York Jedi

Where: Anywhere on the East Coast

It’s almost impossible to find someone not familiar with the Star Wars series, especially following the new, highly popular installations “Rogue One” and “The Force Awakens.” Now, the blockbuster hits’ iconic Jedi-knight light sabers can become a part of your everyday fitness regimen. Gym goers get a great workout from jumping, fighting, and sparing with one another (all using light sabers). The sabers will make your arms sore while the overall routine will improve your agility and fitness, all in one of the most fun ways possible.

Fit Bucket List 4

Muscle Beach Gym

Where: Santa Monica, California

Muscle Beach is one of the world’s most famous and historic outdoor workout facilities. It was built in 1933 and represented the start of an era geared towards resistance training and the phenomenon known as “bodybuilding.” This Santa Monica gym features traditional resistance training equipment in a beautiful, beachside venue. Any lifter with a passion for the sport’s history should add this famous location to their fitness bucket list.


Where: Check out this Naples, Florida studio!

Fitness with your furry friend- what could be better? “Doga” isn’t technically a destination, but it’s a definite must-do for any fitness fanatic with a bucket list. Doga is exactly what it sounds like: yoga, but with dogs. Together, you and your dogs engage in stretches and do joint poses. The dogs are additional weights for some human-only movements. Doga is relaxing for both humans and pets, and promotes flexibility, strength, and blood flow.

Fit Bucket List 3


Where: Click here to find a location near you!

SkyZone is a trampoline park/playground full of different ways to bounce around. Channel your inner child by visiting SkyZone’s fitness aerobic class, SkyRobics, an exceptionally fun and light-hearted way to get your cardio in. Fly high through the sky using your body weight and trampoline’s reverberation while burning up your muscles. It’s definitely a fun-filled sweat fest.

Fit Bucket List 6


Where: Kiev, Ukraine

Few fitness facilities are as down-to-earth and no-frills as Hydropark. This outdoor gym is designed for intense weight lifters and is in Kiev, Ukraine. Also, the equipment is made of scrape metal, and it looks like a tetanus shot waiting to happen. However, don’t let the grunge dissuade you — this spot is legendary and brings intensity like no other, making it a must-see on this fitness bucket list.

Fit University implores you to get out there and conquer some of these fitness “to-dos.” Some other fun, relaxing, unique, and/or crazy fit-life things to try: get trained by an ex-con, practice some meditation, or just get out of your comfort zone. It’s definitely worth it!

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