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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop HIIT Workout

By November 1, 2016Move, Workouts

Do the holidays have you tied down at home with no time to hit the gym? No problem. Give this quick, no-equipment HIIT workout a try.

Time: 20-30 minutes 

Type of workout: High intensity interval training (HIIT)

Sh*t you need: Your body. That’s it!

Intensity: High

Body Target: Total body, cardio

The Workout

Complete 2 to 3 rounds of each of the following sets. Rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute before moving to the next set.

1a) Burpees
1b) Squats
1c) Basic push-ups (modification: push-ups on your knees) 

2a) Tuck jumps (modification: standing ab crunches)
2b) Skaters
2c) High knees (modification: knee lifts)

3a) Pistol squats (L)
3b) Jumping jacks (modification: side steps) 
3c) Pistol squats (R)

4a) Plank jacks (modification: basic plank)
4b) Squat jumps (modification: squats)
4c) Plank

5a) Mountain climbers (modification: knee lift w/arms)
5b) Alternating lunges
5c) Lateral hops (modification: side steps)


Notes: - Use the noted modifications or take a quick break if you need to. This workout is tough. Respect your body. - Turn up some music to motivate you to finish this workout strong.

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Landy is a 4th year student at Andrews University where she is majoring in Biology. She's a typical college student who splits her time between work, school, and working out. During her free time she finds herself scrolling through Pinterest for new healthy recipes or workout routines. After graduating, Landy plans to attend dental school where she hopes to specialize in pediatrics.

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