My 5 Favorite “Dips” for Roasted Sweet Potatoes

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You know those foods you used to hate when you were younger but can’t live without (or, at least, like) now? Well, sweet potatoes fit in that category for me.

I’m not really sure what inspired me to give them a second chance, but I know it was in my sophomore year of college when I realized I liked loved them. Yup. That’s a whole 19 years without sweet potatoes. At least I’m making up for it now.

I eat sweet potatoes several times a week with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes even as a snack. I’ve tried many different cooking methods – steaming, boiling, roasting, mashing – and to be completely honest, the only one that has really stolen my heart is roasting. I love the way the sweet potatoes get all crispy & chewy on the outside and retain a very fluffy, soft, starchy interior. Maybe I’ve not been doing the steaming, boiling, and mashing right, so if you love them, your suggestions are welcome!

While I haven’t been too creative with my sweet potato cooking method, I have been with the dips I use with them. A bit of salt and spices go a long way, but try roasted sweet potatoes with some sort of dip and you’ll be in food heaven.

First, roast your sweet potatoes with whatever oils and spices you wish. Cubes, wedges, rounds, halves or whole – all work, so go with whatever floats your boat. When they’re almost done roasting, whip up one of these five these simple, nutritious and smashingly delicious dips.

1. Smashed avocado & lime

Simple, classic, easy. Avocados are already king of the foodie world, and they go with so many things. Sweet potatoes are no exception. I like keeping it super simple with just a little salt and lime in some mashed avocado, but I occasionally switch it up and add chopped tomatoes too. Plus, the fat in the avocados helps your body absorb the beta carotene and other nutrients in the sweet potato better (as is true with many of the following dips).

2. Tahini honey sauce

The bitterness and creaminess of the tahini works so well with the sweetness of the sweet potato. My method for the dipping sauce: 1 part tahini + 2 parts water + 1/3 part honey + squeeze of lemon juice = perfection.

3. Creamy scrambled eggs

Ok, so not really a dip, technically, but if your scrambled eggs are super creamy, it could definitely pass as one! But seriously, eggs and sweet potato make a wonderful combination.

4. Hummus

Another classic. Warm, crisp sweet potato wedges and cool, creamy hummus are great on their own and beyond incredible together. Get your favorite flavor and go to town.

5. Greek yogurt & nut butter


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Sweet potatoes are sweet, after all, so why not try a sweet combo? This is creaminess on top of creaminess on top of richness and healthy indulgence. Sweet potatoes, greek yogurt, nut butter of choice, what more do you want?

So what are you waiting for? Get roastin’ and dippin’!

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