Easy Travel Snacks to Keep You From Getting Hangry

For people with allergies or those who follow specific diets, traveling can sometimes be stressful. Especially with long itineraries, you might not always know what kind of food can be available. Airport food is usually expensive, so packing compact and tasty travel snacks is the best way to save your stomach and wallet! Here are some of my favorite travel snacks, starting off with the easy ones, and ending with those that take a little more time and preparation.

1. Fruit and Snack Bars


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 This is probably the easiest option. If you have a favorite snack bar (I personally love Epic, Lara Bar, and Rx Bars), that plus a piece of fruit can be good for flight where you just need something to hold you over. Hard fruits, like apples, or small ones in a tupperware, like berries, are probably the best, since fruits like apples can get easily smushed in a backpack.

2. Homemade Trail Mix, Fruit, and Almond Butter

Trail mix is super easy to make at home, without added sugars or oils. I like to mix almonds, walnuts, cashews, raisins, golden raisins, and coconut flakes for a perfect trail mix on the go! That, plus an apple with some almond butter, should be a good meal replacement if you’re in a pinch. Make sure to find the prepacked nut butter squeeze packs, as TSA WILL confiscate your entire jar of sunbutter if you try to bring it through security (not that I know from experience…)

3. Dates with almond butter and dark chocolate


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This one you could either make ahead and put in a small tupperware, or make on the plane! Just split the dates in half and fill with your favorite nut butter. Then top with a small chunk of dark chocolate or cacao nibs. It’s a great combination of salty and sweet, and smooth and crunchy!

4. Veggie frittata


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This is my favorite option for long flights where I know I’ll need a full meal. There are thousands of frittata recipes out there, but I like to make mine with eggs, bacon, loads of spinach, mushrooms, and onions. Be sure to get a good balance of protein and veggies to keep you full!

5. A combination of these!

If you’re on a super long flight, you might need a small meal and a snack, or a few snacks, to keep you from getting hangry. If your carry on has enough space, pack a few options to keep you satisfied. I’m a notorious over packer, especially when it comes to food. Make sure to keep all of the food on top when you pack it for easy access, and so it doesn’t get smushed!

Hopefully you’ll try some of these recipes the next time you travel, whether its by bus, car, train, or plane! 

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