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Getting Back on Track

By December 11, 2015Live

We all know how stressful life can get—we’re college students. Midterms, tests, group projects, clubs, volunteering, working out, and fifty million other things pile up on our plate daily. By the middle of the semester, I can say pretty concretely that I think I’d lose my head if it weren’t so firmly attached.

Things happen, life gets busy, and guess what? You can’t always make it to the gym. So, what do you do after a few days or weeks of missed workouts when you’re ready to get back on the horse?

  1. First things first: don’t beat yourself up for taking a break. Missing one workout, or even all of your workouts, this week is not the world’s next great tragedy. Sometimes there are more important things you have to address, like school, your health and other important aspects of life. Your entire fitness journey will not come crashing down around you in such a short time. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and that counts. Small setbacks DON’T make you a failure. They make you human.Getting Back on track at the gym
  2. Get organized and stick to it. I don’t know how I would ever survive without the calendar on my phone. If I didn’t get a reminder sent to me an hour before an event, I don’t know if I’d ever remember where I was supposed to be going! Wherever you keep track of things, whether it’s in a planner or on your phone, schedule in time for your workout. If you’re super busy one day, maybe try to squeze in a quick ten minute workout in your dorm! Any workout is better than no workout. Here are some quick and efficient ways to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule.
  1. Remember that tomorrow is a new day. I’m not going to lie to you. Getting back into a routine can be really hard! So you had a bad day. Tomorrow is a brand new day to wake up, try again and do better. Celebrate the tiny victories and know that you can do it!
  1. Eat breakfast. It may sound cliché, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It fuels your body and provides a foundation for the rest of your day. If you workout in the morning, the fact that there’s a delicious post-workout breakfast waiting for you at home can definitely help.Here’s a bunch of great ideas for all different types of healthy breakfast.
  1. Workout with a friend. Friends make working out fun! And they can add a much-needed level of accountability. It’ll be much harder to bail on a workout when you know there’s a friend that counting on you to show up. If you can’t find a gym partner, try an activity tracker. Seeing how hard you’re working can be extremely motivating!
  1. Set goals. Be realistic and start small. Don’t try to jump right back into where you were. That can make it even harder to stick to a routine. Make it your goal to first squeeze in that quick workout in your dorm and then the next day head over to the gym for fifteen minutes. Before you know it you’ll be right back where you were: totally crushing it.
  1. GET PUMPED. It will be hard, and you’ll probably want to give up, but go play some motivating music and get back out there! Go kick some ass! 🙂

Author Brittney Scannell

Brittney is a Sophomore at Stony Brook University. She is currently undeclared but is looking forward to pursuing a degree in Health Science or Athletic Training. Brittney is Fit SBU's Foodie, plays club lacrosse, is learning how to be a group fitness instructor, loves cooking, running 5k's and hula hooping.

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