My Go-to Green Juice Recipe

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A green juice a day is a trend that is here to stay.

I was recently gifted a juicer, and it’s safe to say that  I am completely obsessed. Most of my friends know that my juicer and I are in a very happy and healthy relationship. I guess you could say it’s getting serious.

A main component of my weekly grocery haul is a ton of spinach, ginger, and other fruits and veggies that I can get in bulk for juicing. My daily green juice has improved my immunity and energy levels. When I am struggling to get my daily dose of vitamins and minerals, my fresh green juice comes in clutch by delivering the daily recommended levels.

Fresh juice offers more than just your ordinary smoothie or store-bought juice; it provides a large amount of nutrients in a compact liquid that hydrates you while also providing your body with antioxidants, phytochemicals, minerals, and vitamins. Ever since I started incorporating fresh juice into my mornings, I feel more naturally energized and have avoided illnesses. Not saying it’s a magic bullet, but it works for me.

Buying fresh juice without added sugars can be expensive, but juicing at home can be affordable and easy once you get into the routine of cleaning your juicer and prepping your produce. While I tend to change up my produce seasonally, one of my favorite green juices not only tastes delicious but is under $10  for two mornings of green juice – cheaper than most store-bought versions. Let’s juice!

Time: approximately 10 minutes

When to drink it: Whenever you want a boost of energy and veggies

Perks: Packed with produce, portable, cheaper & healthier than store-bought

Makes: 2 servings of juice

What You’ll Need:

1-2 bags of spinach (you can use kale, but I find spinach lasts longer and tastes better)

3 large apples of your choice


2 large grapefruits

4 stalks of celery

1 cucumber (any kind will do)

Thumb of ginger (unpeeled)

The recipe:

1.) Be sure to rinse of your produce before juicing to make sure they're clean and free from contaminants.
2.) Cut your fruits and veggies according to your juicer's instructions. Each is different. When it comes to prepping your produce, do not peel anything (carrots, cucumbers, apples, ginger, turmeric, etc.). That’s where many of the nutrients are.
3.) Put your desired fruits and veggies in your juicer, according to its instructions. Juice!
4.) I store my juice in mason jars and prep only 2 days' worth at a time. In general, fresh juice has a fridge life of 24-48 hours.


Once you start fueling your body with green juice every morning, you might get hooked. Be sure to tag @fituniversity on social media if you try out this green juice recipe!

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