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5 Health Apps You Should Download

By November 4, 2015Move

Let’s face it, we’re all a bit addicted to our smartphones. From the moment we wake up and grab it as an alarm clock, checking emails at lunchtime, and scrolling through social media until 2am in our beds, it’s hard to imagine life without them. But if we’re a little hooked to our phones anyways, why not get hooked on wellness through them?

There are so many apps catered to fitness, it’s overwhelming. Here’s a list of a few of my apps that I try to use weekly to engage more in health, and less in social media.  health on your phone

Working Out:

Nike+Training Clubhealth on your phone 1

Free on Android and iOS

This app will easily guide you to finding the best workout. Select from four fitness levels: get lean, get strong, get toned, get focused. You can choose a customizable workout plan, including resting days, and you will be guided through the entire workout.  My favorite part is you can decide whether or not to add running to your regimen, since I’m not a big runner myself. The workouts usually range from 12-45 minutes, include cardio, muscle strengthening, balance training and always leave me feeling motivated and ready for the rest of the day!



health on your phone 2Kitchen Stories

Free on Android and iOS

If you’re looking for simple, healthy recipes then this is your app. Kitchen Stories has a user-friendly platform (kind of like Pinterest) that easily allows you to decide what to cook. Preparation and cooking time are given, the number of servings is adjustable, and tutorial videos are provided. The best part is that if you’re looking to save time, there is an option to create an ingredients list right on the app.



These are my favorite kinds of apps because they allow me to forget I’m on my phone. Simply open them and begin to improve your mood, focus and relaxation!

Stop, Breathe & Thinkhealth on your phone3

Free on Android and iOS

If you’re beginning your journey to mindfulness, this is a great place to start. Breathe opens by asking a simple question: How are you? You can proceed with a short check-in of how you’re feeling mentally, physically, emotionally (select up to 5 emotions from a chart.) After this, you will receive a couple recommendations of meditation sessions, normally ranging from 6-15 minutes. I’ve found these to be really helpful as a short break to check-in with myself when I’m not feeling my best, or if I want to reassure my good feelings.



Free on Android and iOShealth on your phone

If you ever find yourself restless at night or having a hard time focusing while studying, TaoMix provides a perfect ambience of calmness. Essentially it’s a calming soundboard with categories like: animals, water, wind, chimes, city, and different kinds of white noise. The best part is that you can combine different categories. For example, my go-to is the ocean and sea breeze together. There is a timer to keep the sounds going for 5 minutes to 2 hours (without it set the sounds will be continuous until the app is closed.)



Free on Android and iOShealth on your phone4

“Meditate, Sleep, Relax” is the motto for this app. Recommended to me by a certified Holistic Health Coach, Calm is similar to TaoMix in that it provides a soundboard. The difference is that this app also has different scenes, like rain dripping off leaves or water slowly moving by a mountain range. (Scenes we’re usually told to imagine as our “calm space.”) There are also options for various meditation sessions. With a timer, you can select a scene and sound  for 1 minute to 240 minutes; Guided meditations such as “Relaxing Body Scan” are great to develop your practice; and sessions such as  “7 Days of Calm” are meant to teach you the basics of mindfulness meditation through a series. This is a great app for anyone looking to find a calm space either on the go, at a break in your stressful day, or  in your room before bedtime

Author Aryanna Tiberii

Aryanna studies Journalism and Photography at Northeastern University She believes that to be healthy and fit we need to find a balance in mental and physical well-being. Aryanna loves farmers markets, practicing yoga and learning about nutrition and mindfulness!

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