Healthy Chipotle Hacks for Fit, Broke College Students

To guac, or not to guac? That is the question of the century.

Let’s be honest here.

We all rely on Chipotle a little too much. Its mouthwatering, savory, Mexican flavors just hit the spot when you’re drowning in schoolwork and can’t cook dinner. Or when you’re starving post-workout and just need a quick bite before powering through the rest of your day. But as easy as it is to pile on the sour cream and cheese when you’re #hangry, you know that these are not the best decisions for your fitness goals.

However, below are some healthy hacks to satisfy your cravings without overindulging yourself:

Mo’ veggies, mo’problems:

Ask for a salad, for a base of lettuce, and rice (brown, of course). This will increase your vegetable intake without even thinking about it. You can also ask for fajita vegetables, which are free, and extra lettuce for your toppings.

Just ask:

Ask for a side of cilantro when you order. Not only will this add flavor, but it also has digestive properties that can soothe an upset stomach (I’m looking at you, beans).

Shells are the way to go:

If you absolutely love their chips, ask for hard taco shells instead. Not only are they ~free~, but you can use the money you would have spent on chips to buy guac (which let’s be honest, can make or break the meal)!

Half & half:

Ask for half of one meat and half of another. The employee behind the counter is likely to give you more meat, thus ensuring more #gainz.

Get it hot, hot hot:

Ask for a little bit of the hot salsa (aka the red tomatillo sauce) in order to spice up your dish for fewer calories (compared to the sour cream/cheese). Feeling brave? Get all of the salsa, life is short. 🙂

Doggie-bag it:

Let’s be honest here, we all feel a little stuffed after eating Chipotle. You blink and suddenly the whole meal is gone. However, ask for a to-go bowl when you check out and split your meal in half. That way, you can eat it twice (for the price of one) and add some extra veggies to it to fill you up!

So, what do I order?

Though everyone has different tastes, here’s what I usually order:

  • Salad (no dressing)
  • Side of shells (if I’m in the mood for a little crunch)
  • Brown rice
  • No beans (unless it is post-workout, then black beans for extra protein)
  • Fajita vegetables
  • Half chicken, half steak
  • Mild salsa (pico de gallo), medium salsa (green tomatillo), and a little bit of hot salsa (red tomatillo)
  • Corn salsa
  • Guac (duh)
  • Extra lettuce on top

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Christina is a Junior at Boston University, majoring in Dietetics and minoring in Communication. She is a tennis instructor at BU, an ACSM CPT, and writes blogs for multiple Registered Dietitians. She can be seen with her headphones in playing one of her Spotify playlists and/or shamelessly taking a picture of everything she eats. You can check her out at @foodietunes on Instagram.

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