HIIT the Wall Workout

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The great thing about walls? They’re everywhere. Do this workout outside if it’s nice out, or next to a wall inside if it isn’t.

Time: 16 minutes

Type of Workout: HIIT, strength/conditioning

Sh*t You Need: Dumbbell (one heavy, one moderate), interval timer, & a sturdy wall

Intensity: High

Body Target: Total body

Perks: Incorporates both cardio and strength 

The Workout:

Set an interval timer for 24 rounds of 10 seconds rest, 30 seconds work. (This will set you up to complete four rounds, which will take a total of 16 minutes.) 

Complete as many reps of the following exercises with proper form within the 30 second work period. 
- wall plank toe taps
- weighted sumo squats
- wall burpees
- weighted side lunges (switch legs each round)
- dumbbell drag pushups
- wall sit with shoulder raise


Workout contributed by Alison Yeung (Boston University). Check out her Instagram, Twitter, and blog for more. 

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