HIIT VS Steady State: What You Need To Know

By March 29, 2017Fitness Tips

Exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy…

While excessive amounts of cardio might leave you feeling drained and overworked, a certain amount of cardiovascular exercise can greatly improve your overall fitness and performance, and is great for your heart.  Sometimes it is difficult to find motivation to hit the track or hop on a spin bike, so here are two different types of cardio you can try to keep things interesting and help you reach your goals.

What are the different types of cardio?

Two popular cardio training methods are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Steady State Cardio. When doing HIIT, you alternate between intervals of intense exercise and short recovery periods, whereas, with Steady State Cardio, you remain at the same, steady speed throughout the entire workout. 

What type of cardio should I be doing?

Both HIIT and Steady State Cardio are beneficial to your health, however, one specific cardio form may be more beneficial towards reaching your goals.  Here’s why:

HIIT burns more calories because although you are exerting yourself for a shorter period of time, you are going all out for that single interval. For ten to thirty seconds, you run, cycle, or row faster than you thought you could, followed by a one to two-minute recovery period. Ultimately, you can really increase power and speed with consistent effort since you’re really pushing yourself during those working times.

Steady State Cardio, on the other hand, does not burn calories as quickly, however, it does help with building up endurance. Over a period of time, a challenging 30 minute run could turn into a breezy 45 minute jog.

In short, if you’re looking to burn calories and fat more efficiently, HIIT cardio may be the better option. If you’re looking to build up your endurance, choosing Steady State Cardio may be in your best interest.

Whichever you choose, both of these activities will help improve your overall health and fitness, and keep your heart happy. Most importantly, exercise releases endorphins and will leave you craving that post-workout high time and time again. This endorphin inspired confidence boost will help you feel good about yourself, and will help you see the strength and power your body is capable of.

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