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Why The “Hip Dip” Isn’t As Positive As You Think

By September 27, 2017Think

Cellulite. Stretch marks. Tummy rolls.

These are now all common phrases we see in the Instagram community. Gone are the days where posts consist of only flexed photos – now, “fitstagrams” all over the world are embracing posting pictures at their most unflattering angles. Overall, this transformation the fitness community has undergone has been pivotal in promoting balance, moderation, and health. But is it really as empowering as it seems? I have a different opinion. 

It started when I saw a post about “hip dips”.

Hip dips? I thought to myself. What in the world is a hip dip? I glanced at my own hips and thighs, examining them to see if I could find what the heck it was. I googled images of hip dips to see if I could figure out what people were going on about. Because as I was trying to figure out what exactly a hip dip was, posts were popping up left and right:

I may have hip dips, but I love them anyway. 

I have hip dips but I embrace my body as it is. 

I even saw: The only way to truly solve hip dips is to get fat injections…maybe that’s in my future, but for now I’m learning to love them. 

Eventually, I figured it out.

After some research, I found out that it’s a dip between your hip bones and where your thigh bone starts, caused by the positioning of your pelvis and thigh bones, that, in my opinion, is hardly noticeable. In fact, I hadn’t even heard of a hip dip until I saw posts practically glorifying it on Instagram. And that’s when I noticed them on myself. 

In the past, I’ve struggled with self love and body acceptance, as many other girls have. So here’s my issue with it: I hate the idea of body parts becoming a trend – and that’s exactly how I felt about hip dips. Before showcasing this flaw on Instagram became popular, I’m sure there were many girls out there that, like me, hadn’t ever heard of such a thing. But now, hundreds of posts are cropping up about accepting this “ugly” body part  – that many people didn’t even know they had! 

Does this sound familiar to you at all? A part of the female body that became, something that before social media was hardly thought of, but afterward made girls increasingly self conscious about it? That’s right folks – I’m talking about the thigh gap. While hip dips fall more on the self love spectrum than the weight loss spectrum that thigh gaps fell on, the concept is eerily similar to me.

Let’s get something straight – I’m all for body positivity. 

I would never hate on the BOPO movement – I am a huge advocate for loving all bodies, in any shape size or color. I love seeing all kinds of women show up on my Instagram feed, in various poses. The bottom line is, you definitely don’t need to justify having hip dips, or any other “flaw”. No matter which way you post a picture- flexed, unflexed, posed, or unposed- each and every body is unique and beautiful in their own way, regardless of what “trend” you may have. At the end of the day, the way your body looks doesn’t determine how genuine, kind, intelligent, or hardworking you are.

So I propose this – stop glorifying body parts on Instagram and making flaws trendy, and start realizing that there’s so much more to us than just a body. 

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Author Julia DeCecco

Julia is a second year Dietetics major with a minor in Disabilities studies at the University of Delaware. She is passionate about healthy living and helping people be the best that they can be. When she is not in the kitchen working on her healthy culinary creations, you will find her in the UD pool with the club swim team. Check out her healthy food Instagram @peanutbutterbliss.

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