This Leg Workout Will Leave You Sore For Days

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Being sore is one of those things everyone in the fitness community complains about but secretly loves. Being sore just proves to you that your body is breaking down and rebuilding itself to become even better. While it does suck to be moaning and groaning every time you sit down and stand up, you know you love that feeling. The reason this workout burns so bad is because during some of the exercises you’ll be pausing and holding – which makes your muscles have to work a little extra. So next time you’re craving a workout that will make you have that oddly satisfying sore feeling, give this one a go.

Leg Workout For Extra Sore Legs  

Time: 45 minutes

Type of Workout: Bodybuilding/strength & conditioning 

Sh*t You Need: Dumbbells, 25 lb plate, a gym, a mat (optional)

Intensity: Medium

Body Target: Lower body

The Workout:

Warmup: Stretch & mobility 

Part 1 
3x10 Leg Press (5 wide stance, 5 narrow stance) 
3x25 Leg Extensions (10 normal weight, 5 difficult weight & hold at the top for 5 seconds, 10 easy)
3x25 Hamstring Curls (10 normal weight, 5 difficult weight & hold at the top for 5 seconds, 10 easy)
3x10 glute/ham raise 

Part 2
3x10 walking lunges with dumbbells
3x10 walking lunges without dumbbells 
3x10 goblet squats with dumbbell

Part 3 
3x24 step ups with dumbbells 
3x20 Calf raises with dumbbells

Finish with 10 minutes incline walking on treadmill or Stairmaster (optional)

Now, go crush it.

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