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6 Reasons You Need To Try Meditation

By November 14, 2016Think

Meditation isn’t just for hippies anymore, it’s for you too!

Meditation has a weird reputation nowadays, it seems that every insta-yogi out there is a meditation maniac and swears by its healing powers. When I first starting to think about meditation, the first thing that came to my mind was an incredibly flexible, yogi monk repeating “Om” over and over again until he reached nirvana… or whatever.

Apparently that’s not the case.

This semester I enrolled (more as a throw-away class if I’m being honest) in a classed called Stress Reduction and Wellness, in which we explore the different methods of mindfullness and meditation. Here are a few fun things I’ve learned: 

It’s not necessarily what you think.

You don’t have to sit down and meditate in order to have a meditation practice, you can perform activities mindfully during the day. Even as I tried to find an image to include in this article, the only images I could find were people sitting, legs crossed, eyes closed, with their hands on their knees. This is NOT the only form of meditation! If you have an activity that brings you calm, that you can do with your mind only focused on that activity, I hate to break it to you but that right there is a meditative practice.Walking meditation is also a thing. Give it a try.

No, you don’t need to be a yogi.

Just like you don’t need to sit crosslegged to meditate, meditation does not have to include a yoga practice. Are you a weightlifter? Try meditating to get through your lifts. Are you a dancer? Try meditating to perfect your choreo. All you need to do is focus in on yourself, and whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.


Some days are better than others.

Meditation can be more useful some days than it is on other days. Meditation may also be “easier” to practice on some days than others. Some days, you may find your mind consistently wandering every time you try to meditate. That’s ok! Just try to bring your attention back to your breath. Some days, you will feel like the Buddha himself. Embrace that sh*t. 

It has more benefits than you think.

Meditation does not need to be used to calm you down, it can give you energy too! Not to mention, it helps improve your focus, attention, mood, decision-making, and half a million other things. *Only half exaggeration there.* Check out all of the incredible benefits meditation has on the mind, body and soul here.

You can meditate right here, right now.

Meditation can be done anywhere, at any time. Seriously….stop whatever you’re doing and take 3 deep inhales and exhales, really trying to focus of every breath you take. Boom, you just mediated.

It can be applied to all aspects of your life.

The beauty of mediation is that once you start doing it, you’ll find it creeping its way into your life on a regular basis (that’s a good thing!). When you’re stuck in bad traffic, nervous for an exam, fighting with your roommate…there’s also such a thing as mindful eating. Meditation can influence and include all of your senses. 

Different strokes works for different folks. 

Meditation is personal, and you can absolutely hate some forms of meditation and swear by others. Becoming aware of the type of meditation that works for you can help to further your own practice and help you take advantage of all the awesome benefits that come from meditation. A few things that I have found to be meditative are cooking and eating my breakfast in the morning alone, and exercising. These are two activities where I am hyper aware of all the movements I am making and am focused on only those two things. I hope you can find your own meditative activities!

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