This Morning Smoothie Will Keep You Awake

By May 26, 2017Recipes

Four ingredients stand between you and the perfect morning.

It’s 5 A.M. and the alarm clock has just went off. And the majority of the world is thinking the same exact thing. Turn that dang alarm clock off! Throw it, stomp on it, break it with a bat, or even press the snooze button. But, did you guys know that by 5 A.M., Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is already drenched in sweat finishing his first couple of sets?

Whether your a late bird or an early bird, it does not matter what time you go to the gym. What is important is for you to get up and energized in the morning. You have places to go! Things to see! No time for drowsiness.

So here are the ingredients to one of my favorite shakes. It has boosted my awareness and alertness and given me that extra boost to start my day off well

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The 4 Magic Ingredients

1. Oranges

Have you ever watched breakfast commercials on Saturday mornings on Disney channel or Nickelodeon and noticed something in common? No, I’m not talking about the milk or the cereal, but the side of orange juice always next to the bowl of cereal.

It’s there because OJ is jam packed with vitamin C and potassium to give your body energy. So, start your smoothie off by peeling and sectioning some oranges. In terms of portions, I personally peel 2 oranges for a single serve smoothie. 

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2. Bananas

Quick question: What 7 letter word only consists of 4 of only letters from the alphabet? Bananas!

You can find numerous articles on the health benefits of bananas, but to sum it up: they are high in potassium and the B vitamins complex. If this doesn’t persuade you on their health benefits, bananas also provide 1.5 grams of protein along with 3.5 grams of fiber to provide you the energy for a high level workout, a long day in class, or whatever you’re doing with your morning. Simply peel the banana and drop it into the blender. 

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3. Milk

The benefits of milk and the bond between milk and humans date back centuries, or even millennias, ago.

Milk is recognized worldwide as the powerhouse of our body because it’s a great source of protein. There are endless amounts of “Got Milk?” commercials with athletes like Serena Williams to Steph Curry signifying the importance of milk in our everyday diet. I add about 12 ounces of milk into my shake.

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4. Honey

Honey is my true best friend. This awesome source of carbohydrates is a true, all natural energy source.

Not only does it make the smoothie sweet and tasty, but carbohydrate sources like honey are known to provide glucose energy for an extra boost of fuel. I add around 2 tablespoons of honey because I have a sweet tooth and personally I like my smoothies extra sweet.

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Your turn!

Also guys, do not forget the ice. Without the ice, is it really even a smoothie?

Blend all of these ingredients for one minute, and just like that you have made the awesome Syed Startup Smoothie.

Note: People have also recommended for me to try adding yogurt, so I’ll be testing that out next time!

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