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New Year’s Resolutions: A New Perspective

By December 20, 2016Think

The new year always brings a lot of excitement as we all come up with new goals to crush. But, let’s be honest: we tend to be a little ambitious and come up with a ton of goals we can’t really keep track of. Or rather, we just don’t stick to. 

After a week or so, we break our resolutions. What’s the point of even making a resolution if you’re going to give up so soon? I’ve compiled a few manageable resolutions to give you some ideas and set yourself up for resolution success in 2017.

1.) Be grateful  

Challenge yourself to practice gratitude each and every day. Physically write out three things you are thankful for. I’ve personally noticed that focusing on being grateful keeps me happy – and science agrees. When you’re happier, it’s easy to be more productive to push towards my other goals.

2.) Cut your caffeine intake

We all know that caffeine is a lifesaver when it comes to getting through college, as we often face sleepless nights studying for exams or writing papers. But that cup of coffee often turns into 2 or 3 and increases throughout the day. While it might keep you awake when you want it to, it might also make getting quality sleep difficult. Not depending on caffeine might seem daunting, but if you slowly decrease your intake, it’ll be easier. If you drink more then one cup of coffee per day, make it your goal to get down to just one one cup of coffee per day. Or even try simply drinking more water than coffee.

Is coffee good or bad for us? I’ve listed a few reasons from Caffeine Informer on why we should quit our coffee/caffeine.

  1. Caffeine causes our stress hormones to increase and eventually making us feel lousy after awhile.
  2. Sleep better. Don’t we all want to experience a better quality of sleep?
  3. Caffeine plays with our mood. One moment we are grumpy and the other times we are “happy”. By quitting, we are more likely to even out our moods so we don’t experience huge fluxions. 
  4. Less risk of cardiac events. Don’t let caffeine stimulate  your heart to beat with forceful contractions.

3.) Set weekly or monthly resolutions

Long-term goals can seem a little ambitious at times and we often lose motivation to keep chasing them. So, why not make a monthly goal? Maybe you decide you want to strengthen your core in January and eat more vegetables in February. Narrowing your focus might make your goals seem less overwhelming. If monthly goals are still a little much, you can start with a weekly goal like eating fewer processed foods, 8 hours of sleep, or drinking more water. Be creative and have a little fun coming up with resolutions.

Remember that setting a New Year’s Resolutions are not always perfect or easy. Adjust them so they are effective and attainable for you, and start 2017 off right.

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Landy is a 4th year student at Andrews University where she is majoring in Biology. She's a typical college student who splits her time between work, school, and working out. During her free time she finds herself scrolling through Pinterest for new healthy recipes or workout routines. After graduating, Landy plans to attend dental school where she hopes to specialize in pediatrics.

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